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The new LED ceiling light from Oviedo by Bot Lighting is environmentally sustainable and space-saving

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Linear, modern lines are a perfect fit for basic design furnishings. Three different color temperatures, cool, warm and natural.

Among the Schott-branded ceiling lamp models offered by Bot Lighting, one novelty is the Oviedo LED ceiling lamp with linear, modern lines well suited to basic design furnishings.

The main feature is CCT is adjustable which allows the end user to choose from Three different color temperatures, cool, warm and natural Depending on the needs and the seller has to have three products in one, with significant savings in space and time for stocking the goods. The diffuser is made of highly resistant IK08 polycarbonate.

It is available in ’round’ version with a diameter of 180 mm 1550 lumens or 220 mm 2450 lumens and oval With a diameter of 119 mm, 1550 lumens and 1850 lumens. Easy to install and versatile on the ceiling or on the wall.

Supplied with a black or white cover ring depending on aesthetic requirements. The degree of protection IP65 and the version with twilight sensor make it ideal for outdoor installations, such as balconies, balconies and terraces.

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