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The new Kia Niro, safety and environmental sustainability: the car is among the finalists for the 2023 Car of the Year

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Only 7 cars are finalists out of 27 candidates: the 2023 Car of the Year winner will be announced early next year at the Brussels Motor Show

Everything is ready to concede the prestigious award “car of the year” And there’s a big change right away: unlike other years when the awards ceremony was held in Geneva, Switzerland, this year the event will remain in Europe but change venue.

Kia Niro Nominated for ‘Car of the Year 2023’

It will actually be the great stage of Brussels In Belgium (exactly the Auto Show) to host this challenge between cars on January 13, 2023 with Announcing the winner: Only one of the Jeep Avengers, the Kia Niro, Nissan Ariya, Peugeot 408, Renault Austral, Subaru Solterra/Toyota BZ4x, and Volkswagen ID will be named Car of the Year.

Today we focus on one The car is the absolute champion of electric mobility: the new Kia NiroAfter the success of the first edition, it will continue to offer the perfect combination of modern design, technological comfort and very high driving performance. The debut coincided with the brand’s introduction to the European electric vehicle market, while the update is about the desire to challenge all other competitors.

Summing up the car in two words? Safety and environmental sustainability. But for the new Kia Niro it is necessary to delve into the details with pleasure. Starting with the new interior design, built using sustainable materials: comfort For a perfect driving experience, also and above all relatively for sound system (which now isolates outside noise more).

All new features of the new Kia Niro

Important news also related to the new Automatic gearbox (Reverse only thanks to the electric motor, there is a weight saving of more than 2 km) and the battery from 8.9 kWh to 11 kWh in the plug-in hybrid version for ideal autonomy for daily trips of at least 65 km with Electric driving. As for The 100% electric New Niro has a range of 460 kilometers The battery can go from 10% to 80% of its charge in about 40 minutes.

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Finally, you want to know why The new Kia Niro may win the “Car of the Year” award? More responsive steering, the latest generation of high-tech platform (K-Platform) capable of accommodating each of the three electrified drivetrains, and improved measurements of driver hand and passenger comfort and load capacity that varies from 1392 100% electric liters a 1445 electric hybrid.

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