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The new Hockey Engas team has been introduced, ready for challenges in Europe

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Team presentation to Parlamentino (photo by Renato Greppi)

The hockey team presented itself to the authorities and the press yesterday noon impurity Vercelli. Event framework, headquarters in Duomo Road subordinatess Associazione Irrigua Ovest Sesia, one of the most important entities in the Vercelli region which next year will celebrate its 170th anniversary (1853-2023).

Piero Mentasti and Marta Ferretti wear a “special” shirt for the new county president David Gilardino (photo Greppi)

Vice President Piero in black, yellow and green paid homage you liedhim too Offset consultant political; The unexpectedly pleasant “Parlamentino” was enough to contain the entire audience, due to the unexpected but welcome attendance of a large group of Hobby Vercelli.

“We chose a historical site like Ovest Sesia – explains you lied To celebrate the 170th anniversary of the foundation of such an important institution for our Earth. Our motto, HV’s motto is “Let’s make history” and it seems so fitting that we’re officially starting the season in a place that exudes history. To honor the bond between HV and Ovest Sesia, the company has created a ceremonial costume to be worn at European Cup matches: a design representing ears of rice surrounded by water, surrounded by an image of Camilo. Binsu Conte di Cavour, with the emblem of Ovest Sesia and Torre dell’Angelo, to bring a little Vercelli to the slopes of the whole continent.”

After the “institutional” interventions of the new president of Vercelli County, Davide Gilardino, from Construction Consultant – Civil Protection Municipality of Vercelli Gian Carlo Locarni Born in Regional Adviser Carlo Riva versilotti This is for the club Nerogaloverde They expend words of gratitude for the goals achieved in these early years of activity and for encouragement and support for future goals, word was passed on to Marta Ferretti, the new president of Hockey Vercelli. Clearly enthusiastic, entrepreneur Emilian introduced her entire team and technical staff to the audience.

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“I’m very proud – Mole notices sponsor Nerogaloverdeto be in Versailles to fill this very important position; I come from a family that has always been in the world of sports, especially in the world of football. In recent years in Correggio, I have become very passionate about the beautiful and wonderful sport of hockey At the rink, I became so sensitive to the Vercelli Hockey family and became a part of it. For the season to start, I think we, as a club, have He did a great job preparingor a organic Important and equippedor To do well in both Italy and Europe, a right mix between the reconfirmed set of players and the new additions; I would say that there are all conditions for achieving very high goals. Although I like being behind the scenes more than showing off, what interests me most is the results, and I am sure we will.”

Fabio Michelon

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