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Cuomo, the fans have already won. Now it’s your turn

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news The doors open for yesterday’s training, what a party between the fans and the team before the match against Modena

An extraordinary pre-match game, an extra boost of energy for coach Moreno Luongo and Como. Yesterday morning they were applauded and cheered by the crowd entering Sinigaglia at the end of training. A beautiful moment, of positive feelings and an even stronger assembly in view of a match as impressive as today, when there is Como-Modena kick-off at 3 p.m.

“We are very happy to hold this meeting with the fans – said Coach Luongo yesterday at the beginning of the day in the press conference – I have always believed very much in the importance of the bond between the team and the fans. Who always made us feel his contribution in any field ».

Meanwhile, the midfield remains the department with the most problems. Basile and Evin too – who didn’t do anything particularly dangerous, but can’t handle it today – and there’s also skepticism that Fabregas, who had some trouble with muscle fatigue during the week, will be called up anyway.

In defense, there may not be Cagnano, who has had a bout of the flu. Siri recovers from attack, and can also be selected in the starting line-up, especially if Gabrieloni feels a little tired, “we know very well that it is a great moment for him, but also that it has not happened in two years,” he said. “We play three very close matches, we’ll see.”

Another gem, the idea of ​​giving Chagaea some space in the running, “I would have liked to have done it already in Perugia, but the way the game went, so hard on a physical level, it wasn’t an issue.”

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