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‘Exclusive option’ for groups with upcoming update

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Many are waiting for the next WhatsApp update, as it will bring interesting news. Here any of them.

We are heading towards one “Specialized” management of some jobs From the popular instant messaging app. Let’s see what it holds for us Next version of WhatsApp.

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Who doesn’t want after all Be part of an “exclusive group”? Or at least manage different groups in a different way. Let’s talk about WhatsApp groups, of course. The app recently we already have Surprised by many features additional. Let’s remember for example the person who allows you to do this Recover one or more ephemeral messages. That is, aimed at programmed self-destruction.

Or think about the possibility See reactions to the pictures in the gallery without having to open it every time. Or again, to be able Call Recording. In short, Developers They do a great job but They always manage to meet the most diverse needs. Today we are talking about the latest news related to the “group chat” sector.

WhatsApp update will allow you to add an exclusive option to groups

when talking about WhatsApp groups We can develop different Interactions. There are those who are part of the work or make it. There are people who in spite of themselves are put into a group and have to “bear” Thousands of notifications in a day. Some have also written about employer considerations Fired. Who can’t stand them, groups, and who’s with them instead Manage friendships near and far.

Whatever temper nature Created by WhatsApp groupwe must admit that he is one Very useful function despite. Among other things, we remind you that recently WhatsApp has expanded its “reach”, expanding the range Number of potential participants from 256 to 512 members.

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Of course, however gScaling up to 500 people doesn’t have to be easy. Whether they are individuals or customers of a store, for example. In short, managing a group can, at times, reveal itself real work. But no one pays. Here then someone thought of a solution.

Exclusive WhatsApp groups, what are they and how do they work

the first Rumors from U.S New feature They come directly from WABetaInfo. For starters, this is outlet More reliable in Beta versions and future app updates section Messaging.

Well, from the latest rumors it seems that from now on Group Administrators will be able to Activate manually a task Selection. This is itApproval of access for new members. Basically, a contact, even if they have a link to join a group, can’t join it without Express approval from directors.

The job will not only be able to be booklet: Looks like there will be a real one “convert” for Activate it or not. and officials They will be able to make the decision Whether it is “working hard” for Selection subordinate Individuals or not.

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