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The new anti-alcohol law – SiViaggia – has been launched

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It is certainly no secret that the most popular tourist destinations around the world have now reached the “maximum” and are increasingly implementing a whole series of measures to… Combating overtourismMass tourism and lack of respect for the environment and the population.

And so the pressure comes from Balearic IslandsIt is a strong signal with exceptional measures and huge funding to promote responsible tourism and improve its quality.

New anti-alcohol law

The Balearic Islands form a More restrictions on alcohol consumption On the streets and further limit boat parties with the aim of eliminating holidays “with rivers of alcohol” in tourist areas.

Already four years ago, in 2020, the most popular locations such as Ibiza and Mallorca passed a bill to put an end to and regulate excessive alcohol consumption in the region: in fact, it is prohibited.”Organizing a pub crawl“(where a drink is offered at a modest price for each bar visited) and open baror those parties where, once you pay for admission, you can drink without any limits.

Again, the sale of alcohol is not permitted Between 9.30pm and 8.00am.

But this is not enough.

The government stated this Tightening the 2020 law It will be applied to the most popular nightlife “hot spots”, such as Sant Antoni in Ibiza, Playa de Palma and Magaluf in Mallorca.

From now on, people caught drinking alcohol on the beach or in the street will be fined a varying amount. From 500 to 1500 euros The number of sanctions approved against foreigners will be presented to the relevant embassies.

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To implement the new measures, 4 million euros have been allocated per season to each of the affected areas.

in addition to, Prohibition of the sale of alcoholic beverages From 6.30 pm to 8.00 am.

Regulations are also against “party ships.”

Again, with the aim of combating excessive alcohol consumption and the degradation and chaos that often ensues, the government has also introduced stricter rules regarding alcohol consumption. Party boats And who will not be able to approach more than one nautical mile from the designated areas.

The ban on picking up or dropping off passengers and on advertisements will continue.

Reduce bed space

The fight against overtourism and tourism that harms the lives of the population in the Balearic Islands takes shape not only with the campaign against alcoholic beverages, but also with Discounted beds for touristsThat is, minus 18 thousand places.

A decision taken by the President of the Mallorca Council, Lawrence Galmis, from the People’s Party, to help slow down arrivals.”It’s time to set some boundaries” as long Excessive tourism success The famous Spanish island “puts the future of tourism and coexistence between residents and tourists in serious danger.”

From this standpoint, the tourism offer will decrease from the current 430,000 beds to 412,000 4.2% less. It is a sign, albeit a small one, of respect and concern towards locals who believe the influx of arrivals from Europe is no longer sustainable.

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