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Mercedes: new lower and rear spoiler – Formula 1

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Mercedes continues its firm belief in the W13 project. In Belgium, Brackley was the team that presented itself with major single-seat modifications, beyond simply adjusting the load level to the specifics of the Belgian track. In fact, the silver arrows are equipped with A box revisited in the Venturi Canal entrance sectionso they will intervene directly at the bottom, the central area of ​​contemporary Formula 1’s competitiveness.

Brackley’s engineering department has redesigned the grille in the Venturi Canals entrance section. The outer bar has a reduced chord, and therefore has a slight outward curvature e Facilitating greater direction of air in the venturi duct towards the diffuser, seeking to generate a larger load. For the same purpose, the various center elements of the Venturi grill itself have been redesigned to improve the induction of vortices at the bottom of the body and the vortex structure as a whole.

Once again, Mercedes has a different development approach than the competition. In fact, the lower part of the hull represents the area where the aerodynamic load is directly created, but at the same time, the design of the sides adjusts the directing of the flows towards the rear part and the outlet section of the diffuser, thereby limiting the work of the bottom itself. McLaren, Williams and Aston Martin revolutionized the philosophy of the sides in the first place, with hog pits limiting the capabilities of earlier chassis and removable undercarriage. On the other hand, Mercedes, despite having to manage a very tapered and particularly limited car body in the process of drilling porpoises, Continues to focus on the development of the Fund Without refusing to put the sides.

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The hypotheses on the table are many. It cannot be excluded that the Brackley team is considering a radically different car in the 2023 key, devoting a significant portion of its resources to it and thus avoiding overturning the current car. However, this is equally reasonable The team still believes in the notion of pointy belliesbacked by technical guidance on the plank and changes to the following regulations that will reduce sensitivity to porpoises, thus helping the Anglo-German team extract maximum potential from the current concept.

While waiting to see what technical direction the team will take in the near future, interventions in other areas of the vehicle continue to be recorded. The transitional connection between the flaps and the vertical strips of the end panels on the front wing has been improved, in an effort to reduce the pressure peak and its losses, as well as the quality of the flow directed towards the car body. In the back instead, check New low payload wing, different from those used so far. The wing keeps the main profile straight, but the upper flap has been modified in bowstring and in fall. In parallel, the outer vertical strips of the terminal panels have been redesigned and in the new specification they have a straight rear edge and are no longer broken as before.

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