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«The Necklace», in the Spazio Foer from October 10 to 21, 2022

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Among the fuller necklaces on display are those of oxygen scientist Luigi Gulin, creator of the project – opening October 10 at 5 p.m.


Encouraging encounter and collaboration between different artists, stimulating research and experimentation with different artistic languages, these are the primary objectives of the new and interesting project promoted by Spazio FoyEr of Trento at the exhibition from 10 to 21 October.
The title is «Necklace», but it is actually more necklaces: small art books printed in the form of a block or woodcut and complemented by direct interventions of various kinds by artists scattered throughout Italy and abroad.

The inscription at the base of the little book is the common thread that connects – as in a very long chain – each of them necklace In which different artists enter according to their sensitivity and taste: watercolor, tempera, acrylic, oil, collage with paper and fabric, woodcut and engraving, calligraphy, pencil drawings, pen, pastel, wax …
The nature of the initiative is undoubtedly playful, but nevertheless fulfills the initial goal of promoting the world of engraving and making people aware that culture and art can also be found in everyday little things, such as a brochure.

The artists’ response to the initiative was positive and there was a lot necklaces Which, from mid-2021 to today, has enriched the project. someone necklaces They stopped at a few samples, and instead others developed in progressive parallel series or followed their own paths, introducing novelties to the initial idea.
Among the body-hugging necklaces on display are those designed by xylographer Luigi Gulin, the project’s creator.

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“Owls and Four-Handed Owls” is the title of his collection, which now includes nearly 70 specimens rich with diverse and innovative interventions.
Finally, it should be noted that the “necklace” also arises from the need to recreate the fabric of technical and human relations that was consumed during the health emergency. The demand has also been enhanced by the exhibition that will allow the public to experience an immersive experience: the works can be seen up close and touched, thus removing “the sanctity of the artistic object to restore the idea that art and culture are also the beholder” as curator Emilia Bonomi asserts.

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