The 11th edition of the National Football Championship of Architects will be hosted in Avellino Province, a historic event that will see Mercogliano’s “Estadio Mercogliano”, “Estadio Barbato Mazzarello” in Mancalati and “Country Sport” in Avellino. Architects in Central and Southern Italy from Thursday 9 to Sunday 12 June.

Twelve professional associations will participate, spread over ten teams who will face each other in three qualifying rounds and will aim for 5 first prizes, as well as several ASD Avellino Ark Football devices.

Today at the Green Park Hotel in Mercogliano, the press conference for the presentation was held with the participation of President of Irpinia Order Erminio Petecca, Mayor of Mercogliano Vittorio D’Alessio, Regional President of CONI Giuseppe Saviano and organizing architects Sergio Gentile and Vincenzo Maria Genovese.

It will be an opportunity for architects and athletes to be able to visit and discover the beauty of our lands thanks to the collaboration of Proloco Viaggi, managed by Tournament Residence Director Marco Perotti. “This event has been postponed for three years, due to the epidemic, which in any case fueled the desire to play football and meet many colleagues on the field again. 250 Architects are participating in this tournament who will have to play 24 matches. We are at the beginning of an amateur competitive activity I hope everything goes well.” Sergio Gentile.

This architects will be the first event at the Mercoglian Stadium. Structure of the concession in Mercogliano is nearing completion. We applaud the cooperation between professional associations and institutions for the promotion of tourism in Iberia. We hope that these competitive activities will be replicated over the years in increasingly efficient structures. A special thanks to Avellino Architects for this wonderful event,” announced Vittorio Di Alessio.

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“We have already collaborated with architects in the past, to quote from the Sportdays event, with a common goal of relaunching our province. Sport is a great driving force for the revival of tourism and the territory. This tournament moves a large number of connected people and families,” Giuseppe Saviano declared.

“Architects are non-committal, they continue to do sports even when they start to work seriously, they know how to develop their passion, especially when, as in this period, we are now in the warm season, so it is sure to spend a few days in a beautiful place like Irpinia The green, which includes 78 castles. This was stated by Chief Architects Erminio Petecca.