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The municipality of Rimini denies that there is space for discussion, no less than Rimini: “You want silence”

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After Albini gathered and mobbed the harassment controversy, there was no public discussion of Non una di less Rimini. This was announced by the same association “Self-Defense Trans-Feminism”, which jointly organized the meeting with Pride Off and the Casa Madiba Network: “Rather than confirming her participation, the municipal administration decided to organize a meeting on the topic of femicide and gender-based violence the day before the public gathering we promoted, and then communicated via police headquarters, late yesterday, that the municipality has deprived us of the space in which we planned our meeting Because there is a DJ set and no trace event and no program in institutional sites as well as on the network. While on the national territory after the events of Rimini, the debate about gender-based violence spreads and widens, the municipal administration does not seem to want to acknowledge the seriousness of what happened during the rally nor the political scope of the debate that was in place. created on the issue of patriarchal violence.”

The discussion entitled “Beyond the Rally. Let’s Talk about Gender-Based Violence. Policies, Views and Suggestions. To Build a Safe Space Together” was scheduled to take place tomorrow in Piazza Francesca da Rimini: “The meeting to which we invited some elected representatives who have spoken in recent weeks and also representatives of the municipal administration, but without receiving this response.”

Reaction after angry non-compliance: “The Mayor of Rimini closes his spaces to those who live in the city and above all to women who come together to say no to patriarchal violence. We want to create an atmosphere of conspiracy to silence the voice of women who have experienced harassment and violence during the rally by continuing to belittle them. The discourse of justification in the name of tourism and profit What we’ve been reading in recent days comes back in the form of a restriction of spaces for debate and democratization in our city.This is unacceptable!But it also shows us the power of the feminist movement that transcends gender equality.
Feminism leads to an awareness of what the system is in which we live, and forces us to deeply rethink not only the patriarchal culture that is the basis of our society, but also the way we live in the public space, in which we produce and consume. As a citizen of Rimini and feminist transformational activist, we require open discussion, opportunity for group discussion, and opportunity to build together truly inclusive cities and new policies around these issues because current cities have proven unsuccessful, inadequate, and incapable of addressing the social and cultural aspect of gender-based violence. social. We repeat, we all share! We want to be the protagonists of this change, in the new legal realities and we must do it together, politics has shown all its inadequacy, now is the time! “.

However, the debate will take place, even if it is not yet known where: “See you Thursday at 6pm at an undisclosed location (sigh), stay tuned to our social channels! “

And back to what happened during the three days of Pini Neri in Rimini: “Beginning with the safe space created on the web and in the streets, we gave voice to the many citizens who felt imprisoned in their city, stopping not at one event (the gathering in this case) and at the person in charge but bringing reflection and confrontation over the patriarchal and patriarchal culture that pervades all The layers of our society In the face of messages of solidarity and parliamentary questions, the municipal administration of Rimini has entrenched itself behind vague communications that mimic the words of local entrepreneurs, rejecting dialogue and continuing to stigmatize women who have experienced violence and highlight what happened during the rally, just as we continue to stigmatize the social realities that make up the defense of The Self Through Feminism in the City and Making It Invisible (Nun Una de Mino Rimini, Pride of and Casa Madiba)”.

There is also something for the media: “Even the local press is downplaying the violence that has taken place, and by giving a voice to the local entrepreneur lobbies, it is helping to fuel this hostile climate that we, as activists, are witnessing in the city.”

“This climate certainly does not help the affected parties in the process of realizing the violence they have experienced and any reporting to the authorities, which so far appears to be the only response that institutions (and thus public discourse) fear to give credit for the violence that has occurred. We know very well that is not the case. And that 500 reports and more than 170 detailed stories are here to prove it.”
No less Rimini, Pride of, Casa Madiba Network,

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