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The most powerful explosion of the 21st century due to nature: it’s incredible

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It’s really amazing how gods occur on our planet natural events Very distinct. It is precisely by observing these events that we can realize how powerful nature is.

Precisely for this reason, we should think more about how important it is to respect the delicate balances of nature that prevail on earth, if we do not want to be victims catastrophic phenomena. But these often occur naturally and can be very destructive, as in the case of volcanic eruptions.

What is the largest explosive explosion of the twenty-first century

The person responsible for what scientists consider to be Biggest explosion From the twenty-first century is an underwater volcano Onga Tonga – Onga Happi. Recently, the eruption of this volcano led to the complete destruction of the island on which it was located. It was a truly unbelievable explosive blast.

In fact, from the eruption of the volcano came out a lot of debris and lava materials that were scattered for several kilometers. The shock wave generated by the eruption was felt from the Philippines to Japan.

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Rare volcanic eruption in a century

Scientists from the University of Grenoble conducted research on the eruption of the volcano we are talking about, applying a specific algorithm to assessexplosion indicator.

They concluded that the eruption of this volcano indicates a type of eruption that occurs only once or twice in a century.

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Experts believe that the eruption of this volcano can be considered with its effects 500 times stronger Atomic bomb. This may happen because the volcano is under water.

The maximum strength of the shock wave is also taken into account in relation to the resulting tsunami waves. Scientists report that such strong explosive activity cannot refer to standard type monitoring systems, even if we make the comparison with other types of eruptions, because the calculations that need to be made in real time are already very complicated.

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