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The Orsini-Sala clash ignites the “fans”, what they highlight on Twitter

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The loud clash between sociology professor Alessandro Orsini and journalist Cecilia Sala during #Cartabianca, the broadcast hosted by Bianca Berlinguer on Rai3, unleashed fans on social media. Debate broke out when Orsini asserted that in Ukraine we “are committing a senseless massacre when we can instead immediately begin a diplomatic initiative”, and at the end of the war we will have to “make territorial concessions to Russia”. “These predictions are a bit strong,” Sala replies, “Professor Orsini did not even expect that there would be a counterattack in the Kharkiv region or in Kherson in the south.”

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Question and answer become tight, as the two talk and accuse each other of lies and instrumental disagreements. The positions of the rivals are irreconcilable, and as happens in cases where public opinion is highly polarized, supporters of both theses are unleashed on social networks.

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Journalist Giancarlo Luquinzi, presenter of Zapping on Radio 1 Rai, comments on Twitter: “Orsini mumbles like a dead end coffee maker while the indefatigable Cecilia Sala has been killing all her speech for a year now. And he can only belittle her and offend her why she is on TV no remains a mystery.” Another user wrote: “Reminding Orsini of all the bullshit his mind was capable of procreating. It’s a dirty job, but someone had to do it. And while he’s trying to be baptized, it’s worth twice as much. Well done.”

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Not everyone thinks so. The “fans” of the professor who divided public opinion in this year of war with his positions seen by many as pro-Russian and pro-Putin, confirmed their appreciation for Orsini and mistakenly took out the video in which he appears in Piazza Poletta. Corrado Formigli broadcast a video game script. “Cecilia Sala, for her ‘struggle’ in #cartabianca, is the new idol of pedini, flags, etc., the one that” explained “Orsini, the great expert on Ukraine that I remember in a clean sweep where, together with Formigli, I have She called us an “Underground Azovstal”. Too bad it was a game,” one user wrote.

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