Home World «The material found in Germany will be analyzed» – Corriere.it

«The material found in Germany will be analyzed» – Corriere.it

«The material found in Germany will be analyzed» – Corriere.it

After three days of searching, excavations around the Arad River reservoir, in the Algarve, have concluded today, in search of new evidence about Maddie McCann’s disappearance, the 3-year-old English girl, who mysteriously disappeared in May 2007 from her bedroom in the apartment complex where she spent her holidays with her family. In a statement, the Portuguese judicial police contented themselves with saying that the procedures requested by their colleagues in Germany have been completed and that the materials collected will be handed over to German investigators.

The latter, on their part, Maintain complete confidentiality. Although it is known, in fact, that they are inclined to the hypothesis of the murder of the little girl, the search for her body in the Arade River has never been publicized, and it cannot be ruled out that these searches might reveal clues about any other crimes committed by Christian Bruckner, The man suspected of kidnapping and killing Madi is currently in prison in Germany for various crimes of sexual violence, some of which were also committed in Portugal, the country where he lived for many years.

The area around the Arad Dam, about fifty kilometers from the site of the disappearance of “Maddy”, was combed in 2008, including by divers who found only animal remains. According to local media, Bruckner was a regular visitor and described the place as his “little paradise”.

Between Tuesday and Thursday, investigators combed the area using dogs, a drone, and a tracker brush. Some parts of the site were combed with shovels, shovels and shovels. According to local media, investigators have been collecting soil samples since the start of excavations and have collected several samples Pieces of cloth were found at the site. According to Portuguese newspaper reports, the police were looking for a pink blanket or pajamas that Maddie was wearing on the night of her disappearance. According to the Portuguese weekly ExpressoIt was the testimony of the informant, “which the German investigators considered to be very credible” that prompted them to continue their search in that place.


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