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The man fixes old consoles and turns them into gifts for families in need

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Ash Kerr, Who is the single father He had to spend his savings to fight cancer, He bought two PS3 games as a gift for his kids. The day before Christmas, the console stopped working. “At Christmas, we don’t have much,” Kerr said, recalling the circumstances that led to finding him. Jai’s charity for families in need.

Thus the person posted a request for help on social media. In the same morning I was able to get four consoles and about 100 games. “that day, I gave the other three consoles and some games to some families I knew“He said his association collects video games, consoles, computers and electronics and makes donations on Christmas morning after making donations to families in the Edmonton area.

In the second year of operation, the number of donated consoles increased to 11 and in the third year to 14. “I think I’m approaching 30 this year,” Kerr said. “The feedback I received on some of the ads I posted was absolutely incredible. And I’m amazed how many people actually contacted us this year for help.”


In fact, Kerr uses Facebook To post, he needs to keep track of families who need his help. His home in Gibbons, about 35 kilometers northeast of Edmonton, is ready to donate consoles, video games and electronics. He works year-round to clean, repair, and test them.

With the help of volunteers, Kerr aims Provide packages of consoles, controllers and more games for two dozen families on Christmas Eve night. I am proud to have had the opportunity to help them. “Because At one point I needed them, so I knew how to give it to your kids. For me, it’s not about the parents, it’s about them Smiles on their children’s faces when they realize they’ve got the gift to unwrap“.

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Kerr says he will return to work next Christmas, giving all the presents and securing them under a tree.

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