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The last trailer before it comes out on Disney+ is the coolest you’ll see

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So far, we’ve struggled, stopping only at the trailers, to understand who the villains will be with Khamala Khan, the next protagonist. Mrs. Marvell. Now the latest trailer ahead of the release of the MCU series, perhaps the most beautiful one released to date, finally reveals who could be the story’s villains.

government or otherwise a Some semi-government members Interested in harnessing, if not exploiting, the growing powers of this very young impromptu heroine. Uniforms, power palaces, and military checkpoints are complete with Humvees, which we have previously glimpsed so closely in Previous Ms. Marvel Trailer. We saw something similar at WandaVision, where our (no longer) red heroine was forced to crash into a sword. We actually know that the series is coming to Disney + It will be set immediately after the end-game traffic lightwith a world still in the process of restarting and with many new members, on the brink of tyranny, was born to confront the power vacuum.

In this new new trailer titled Connected We see all the aspects we’ll find in the series bounce back, while the final clips focus on specific details, from Kamala’s powers to the relationship with the school. Here instead we see it all summed up: the acquisition of powers, the insecurity of youth, the veneration of Captain Marvel at AvengersCon, but above all Discover the braceletmaybe an artifact craywhich will give it its powers. Very different skills Compared to Ms. Marvel of Comics And also of very different origins, due to Feige’s desire not to obey a law in humans.

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The first episode, as predicted by the trailer, came out Wednesday, as happened previously with other series from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He will accompany us as usual for a month and a half One episode is released every week for six weeksAccording to the strategy of serial packages now tested in Marvel studios and especially appreciated by viewers, even if in the recent case of Moon Knight it proved to be insufficient for everything that was to be expected. Given the initial distrust of the Kamala Khan series, does this trailer change your mind in any way? Tell us in the comments!

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