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M3GAN, SOULM8TE spin-off is coming

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In addition to a sequel film in the works, M3GAN will further develop its horror universe by proposing a spin-off film titled SOULM8TE.

M3GAN He returns, but this time he proposes one spin off Titled SOULM8TE And submit it as Erotic excitement. Child’s Play has inspired a real-life horror universe, and while a sequel is in the works, Delivery time He announced that another project is also in the works. M3GAN 2.0 It’s expected to hit theaters in May 2025 and will feature some members of the original cast, but it’s not the only film from the M3GANverse that has sparked production interest. Atomic monster And Blumhouse They are working on another film, expected to hit theaters in 2026.

SOULM8TE, M3GAN makes a spin-off show based on a love story

With a release date already set January 2, 2026SOULM8TE was presented as a Erotic 90s thriller. According to Deadline, he will be responsible for directing Kate Dolanwho created the original draft of the script with Raphael Jordan From a story by James Wan, Ingrid Bisso, and Jordan of Atomic Monster. there Plot The spin-off can also be easily understood by the choice of title. If the protagonist in M3GAN is an AI doll whose goal is to take care of children, in SOULM8TE the focus shifts to… passionate. The protagonist is a man who buys a female android with artificial intelligence to deal with her Loss Recently deceased wife. His interest is in having a truly committed and conscientious partner, so he will make the mistake of turning this robot into twin Spirit. Regarding the upcoming film, the director said:

Basically, I look at this film as an exploration of relationships and loneliness. Despite technological advances, there are persistent human truths that we cannot escape, and I look forward to delving into those depths.

After success in ticket window From M3GAN, it didn’t take long for the studios to greenlight a sequel that would further explore what happened to the killer doll after the final battle with jewel And Cady. However, the spin-off will focus on another topic of fundamental interest and delve into all its nuances.

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