Home Top News The last three seasonal challenges in Canada have been canceled

The last three seasonal challenges in Canada have been canceled

The last three seasonal challenges in Canada have been canceled

M15 Cairo (EGY, Red Clay) – Winner: Felix Kill

Winner of Felix Gill (# 614 ATP) Cairo Tournament: The 19-year-old from Southampton could finally get his first win from Birmingham Among the pros after his two unfortunate finals, the last took place in Antalya a month ago. Ex Top-30 In the middle Younger ones, Gill also has some Challenger appearances, most notably a match he won in the last Wimbledon qualifying round: Simon Roncoli in the semifinals and above all DTS No. 5. Gianluca Aquaroli, the other blue in the final, gives himself a dream week at 27 Also, starting with the qualifications, he plays in the first final of his career. Unfortunately, he did not have the final sharpness to win 7-6 (4) 6-2.

Embolis contacted us by phone and told us: “Unfortunately, I had already played six games a week and reached the final very tired. So I was not very reactive and above all not clear on my choices, but despite this I was able to take the first set home. Then in the second second I could not escape because my enemy was equalized“Unfortunately Seating No. 1 Doug-Hee Lee (# 390 ATP) was forced to retire in the quarterfinals when he was in full control of the match against Jonathan Greve.

M15 HERAKLION (GRE, Tough) – Winner: Jack Finnington Jones

Jack Finnington Jones (# 658 ATP), the second British teenager to grab the attention of the week: An 18-year-old from Surrey, we already talked about that during his first win in Antalya. A month ago. Finding it in the final stages of the competition is not new now, while attracting the ability to win on many fronts.; Especially in Heraclion, in the former No.6 Younger ones He left only one set on the street, which is a sign of a great deal of flexibility. Looking at the results of the new generation of Made UK tennis players, of course Andy Murray is well aware of how to select his supporters; Speaking of promising youngsters, Jones’ opponent Nicholas David Ional (# 435 ATP), who won four matches two years ago at the age of 17, seems to have once had the polish of his best days. There were no Italians in the beginning.

M15 GUATEMALA (GUA, Hart) – Winner: Colin Sinclair

The other Italian holding Aquarioli in incredible stats of lost finals Marco Brugneroto (805 ATP), playing for the final victory a few weeks later But it only touches against the representative of the Mariana Islands Colin Sinclair (n.682 ATP). A native of beautiful Cypriot and from an unusual country in the world of tennis, he returned to Class 94 success almost three years later, a feeling he usually feels at the Davis Cup. The record of 17 wins in 18 total matches is predictable as it is not at the best level of the quiet division. Marco Brookneroto, accustomed to seeing him as the protagonist on the ITF circuit’s most glamorous scoreboards, can do nothing: we’re sure Vares’ left-handers will try to find personal pride this year. However, surprisingly, he did not make the trip to Guatemala alone because initially the blue patrol was too big: Filippo Moroni was defeated by DTS No. 1 Ricardo Rodriguez in the second round, while Clovari and Carnaval-Miino were sorry to make their debut.

In conclusion, we report successes Daniel Mikhailsky (# 419 ATP), he found a second home in Antalya and won his second match in two weeks, his third in a month; 19 years old Guy Ten Oden (n.587 ATP) was confirmed in great growth, and at Monastir he won his fourth trophy of 2021. His colleague Alipek Kashmasov (n.490 ATP) won his Kazan. Zsombor Velcz (# 833 ATP) and another promising young man, Andrew Paulson (# 667 ATP) Identification for the first time this year in Gurugram and Ostrava respectively. In the end, We Hong Li (n.638 ATP) Doubles in Cancun.


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