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The Jeep Avenger, the new low-priced SUV has convinced everyone: orders are booming

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After the car’s pre-order boom, it’s time to see what’s made of the American brand’s new mid-size crossover. For us Italians, this test is important.

Given that the Jeep Avenger will share the platform with the next Fiat SUV that should in turn enter the midsize SUV market, it is very important Understand what the distant cousin of the Italian car will be like now that it is preparing to enter the market.

Jeep Avenger (Mundo Forestrada)

The car has received many compliments from the press and experts, many orders and a little scared Competition but is it really as good a car as they say? Someone had a chance to try it out, in the niche press, and tell us something about the new Jeep product.

They say it’s appreciated

According to the industry press, there is only one SUV between this and Next year The mid-size SUV segment will unquestionably dominate, perhaps the most sought after by all manufacturers dealing with this type of vehicle or who plan to include one in their model lists. This is Jeep’s latest innovation, the all-new Avenger crossover.

The pocket house has always surprised the public positively in recent years (

This medium was presented with great pomp and cuPre-orders have been opened Already in December last year, although the car was not quite ready yet, it charmed everyone a bit, either because SUVs are now a fashionable item among motorists or because they already have many good features that make them very interesting.

What do you offer us

The car is displayed on the same platform From the Fiat B-SUV, a car that has not yet been unveiled but is certainly very important for the Turin company, which has invested a lot in it. It is a small SUV with a length of more than four meters and is available with conventional, hybrid and electric drives that make the house enter a new era.

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The argument was initially supposed to appear this month however Electric versions They won’t be ready – so the online press says – before next year, and yet that interest hasn’t been lost to potential buyers Who made the pre-order phase of the car go well and is still following the news on the car to be launched soon at a high pace.

road test

Recently, the well-known warhead The sun is 24 hours Made an exclusive road test for Jeep Avenger In the traditional configuration and therefore not an electric car, which apparently meets expectations even if with some minor hesitations including a manual gearbox over which an automatic transmission cannot be preferred, which is strange for an American car.

Jeep Avenger (

The car moves well on the road according to the test and above all it has an interior Very comfortable and spacious And good standard equipment with a price hike of up to 35,000 euros for the conventional engine version, which is confirmed as one of the most interesting in terms of value for money, certainly on the part of the North American company.

It looks like our new Avenger in a nutshell more or less respect Expectations And we can anticipate the sparks in the market from the arrival of the standard version while we await the electric version which, it must be said, interests us more due to its novelty. We’ll see what booze brings us.

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