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The Italian League, Juventus, Inter and all clubs are rebelling against the government’s maneuver to control football and the background

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Italian League A He is worried, along with all the big clubs. In fact, the government is about to establish a new body aimed at monitoring football clubs’ accounts. He will be called Agency for economic and financial supervision of professional sports clubsAnd the. The information has already reached all concerned directly, in a document drawn up and notified by the institutions Cones and figs. Radical changes on the horizon for the already shaky world of football?

Gravina’s concern: hold an emergency meeting

In essence, the task of this new agency will be to replace the current Covisoc Committee. The latter is an independent but internal body of the Italian Federation structure. Upon hearing the news, Gabriele Gravina acted immediately, urgently calling a meeting scheduled for tomorrow afternoon (Monday 6 May) at 6pm with all heads of the federal components. Motives? The independence of sports from politics and a series of elements that must be clarified regarding the tasks of the new body.

Reducing the size of the Federal Council: one of the charges

It is clear that the size of sports bodies will be reduced. Examples that will be highlighted include registration in various tournaments. Since there is a body responsible for checking the accounts, the Federal Council will no longer have the authority to decide on the basis of internal laws who is accepted and who is not to participate in the tournament. Behind it, in fact, would be a clearly superior institution that would rob it of all its power. We will see whether there will be any clarifications from this point of view at tomorrow’s meeting.

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That phrase was reported by the Corriere newspaper…

In the newspaper Corriere della Sera there is an anonymous sentence, coming from the world of football that makes us understand the feelings surrounding the government: “Let us not talk about regulations, but there is no doubt that it is a tense entry of politics into sports, and football in particular.“There is a perception among Serie A bosses of intrusive behavior on the part of politicians. Also, as one of them pointed out, the clubs that participate in the cups are already under the auspices of UEFA, which grants licenses after checks and the requirements for passing the tests are very stringent.

Sentiments with the government are at historic lows. Growth decree precedent

Meanwhile, there is some concern in the football world. Sentiment towards the government is at an all-time low, which also recalls the precedent of the repeal of the so-called Growth Decree. According to the clubs, the move has taken away a lot of competitiveness from our clubs who are already struggling to attract top names in the market due to competition from foreign teams (particularly from the Premier League). Now that institutions are also starting to look into the calculations, the singing will certainly not please Juventus, Inter and their partners.

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