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The home of San Marino Calcio is no longer a dream

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Wednesday 29 May 2024 will be remembered as a landmark date for the new San Marino Calcio.
president Emiliano Montanari It has in fact signed the acquisition of the land on which the new San Marino headquarters will be built. The purchase was made through Immobileservice spa Part of the group Global service spa Owner of the Blue and White Club.

The facts, as always, follow the words he spoke M. Mountain climbers To the president FSGC Marco Torra On the 25th of last April. The value of the total investment, including the purchase of land with an area of ​​​​more than 53 thousand square meters, the arrangement of fields and the implementation of all necessary planned works, was estimated at just over 3 million euros. Works are scheduled to begin next June in order to provide a suitable headquarters for all football players registered with the club for training.

This process is laying the foundation for building a strong future for the team that, in just three years, moved, among many difficulties, from excellence to the semi-finals of the Italian League. The takeover was carried out in the utmost secrecy, coupled with strict compliance with all stages announced at the time of the final takeover from the previous management, attesting to the seriousness of the new ownership’s intentions towards the fans of San Marino.

Building San Marino Calcio strong over time also serves as an aid and support to the development of San Marino’s football movement.

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