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Hockey, another victory for mastiffs

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APPIANO (BZ) – A 5 to 1 is due and legit With a great third time, during which success was built. An important victory gives air to the yellow and black arrangements.

Mastini is still without Dalla Santa, Raimondi and Bee. Borghi, climbs to Appiano with the return of del Vita and Garber (from Aosta).

Excellent first-half performance by both teams. After the first minutes of studying, the first chance is for Berroso, who, however, sends to the side from an excellent position. Appiano’s response was short-lived and Pearl safely dismissed Bono’s long-range shot, which he repeated shortly thereafter, closing the mirror for a sure shot from Lanx. Mastini will also have a chance of gaining an advantage in at least three instances, but Odoni hits Brainalter, while sending M. Mazzacane and M. Borghi to the side from under 3 metres. Varese’s advantage in numerical superiority comes from the tactical intelligence of M. Borghi, who is good at spending time waiting for Franchini and Piroso to be positioned: the perfect triangle and the puck in the goal by the last. Varese keeps pressing to try to double down, but Druel’s penalty breaks the tempo and allows for a power play in South Tyrol that leads to Spitaler’s goal just moments from the first siren.

The second third of the race It definitely starts off with a more aggressive and proactive Appiano, but Perla breaks well with the Bono finale from the middle distance and the usual breakout. The Gialonieri could take the lead thanks to the invention of M. Borghi who provided assistance to Vanity who, on his own, shot the goalkeeper in South Tyrol. Mastiffs have a numerical superiority, but the playing power soon wears off and the numerical difference is reflected in the field, down to the double inferiority of mastiffs who defend well for about 80.” Varese stays with the man for at least another 3 minutes but Appiano does not take the opportunity, and on the contrary, Thus, M. Borghi dominates the defense by intercepting the opponent’s pass, motivates Piroso and puts him in a position to present himself alone in front of Reinalter to sign the advantage in case of inferiority.

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The beginning of the third concert of the Gilonary is burning: After 19″ Drolet is the one who improvises himself on the slopes, makes the goalkeeper sit down and puts the puck behind him. After a minute, it’s Desalutels who grabs the disc, and exchanges it for Piroso, who gives M. Borghi the chance to play poker: the number 23 in yellow and black is not wrong From now on, he manages the mastiff and finds space for Odoni’s fifth creation, which Tillaro generously offers.

next Saturday It’s 18.30 Two towers will arrive in Varesefor a challenge that promises to be very fun to game and rank.


APPIANO: 70 Reinalter, (46 Haller), 5 Gasser, 7 Crivellari, 8 Bedin, 19 Unterrainer, 22 Buono, 71

Hofer, 75 Spitaler, 95 Matonti, 20 Engl, 9 Lancsar, 23 Rainanen, 21 Selva, 26 Castlunger, 55 Von

Payr, 88 Erlacher, 31 Critelli, 11 Oberrauch, 91 Tombolato, 16 Rottensteiner, 14 Morandell. Fitness Trainer:

Nico Aremo Martella

HCMV VARESE HOCKEY: 2 Perla (90 Mordenti), 3 Schina, 7 Desautels, 22 E. Mazzacane, 33 Garber,

37 Belloni, 69 Bertin, 71 Piccinelli, 9 Druel, 12 Franchini, 15 Telaro, 16 Vannetti, 19 Alivato, 21 Del

Vita, 23 M. Borghi, 27 M. Mazzacane, 55 Piroso, 88 Privitera, 97 Odoni. Coach: Claude Davies.

score board

APPIANO – HCMV VARESE HOCKEY 1-5 (1:1 0:1 0:3)

13’47” (HCMV) Piroso (Franchini, M. Borghi) PP1, 18’12” (A) Spitaler (Erlacher, Matonti) PP1,

37’24” (HCMV) Piroso (M. Borghi) SH1, 40’19” (HCMV) Drolet (Schina, Piccinelli), 41’19” (HCMV)

M Borghi (Piroso, Desolils), 54’17” (HCMV) Odoni (Tellaro).


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