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The Harry Potter star comes to JK Rowling’s defense

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Ivana Lynchtranslator Luna Lovegood in movies Harry Pottertook over the defense JK Rowlingwho has come under heavy criticism in recent years for her controversial speeches and accusations Transphobia.

Talking to telegraphThe actress expressed her desire regarding the sayings of the writer and author of the seven books of the epic, and called on everyone to moderate their intensity and listen more carefully.

I wish people would give her more freedom and listen to her. Her harsh criticism surprised me a lot, especially when she wrote the article in which she revealed the negative experience resulting from her first marriage. I think its nature has always been to stand up for the more vulnerable members of society, but the real problem is that there is a fundamental disagreement about who is the most vulnerable..

The actress continues:

I sympathize with both parties involved. I know what it was like when a teen hated her body to the point of wanting to crawl out of her skin, so I understand trans people and don’t want to add to their pain..

When she was younger, Ivana wrote to JK Rowling several times And in a letter in which he expressed his desire to appear in a movie from the cinematic epic, but he doubted that this would happen because he was of origin. “Termonfeckin, a small village where nothing interesting ever happened”. To Ivana’s surprise, Rowling replied: “Don’t be hard on your country, it’s an interesting name! Then I also come from a place where nothing happened.”.

Ivana Lynch

picture: MovieStills

Much to the likely chagrin of fans, V.I wizarding world A deep rift developed several years ago. It all comes down to the author’s famous and now controversial statements JK Rowling against transients. The position, to him, was contested on several occasions by the actors who brought in Harry Potter On the big screen and in the world – including Daniel Radcliffe.

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The main protagonist of the saga in June 2020 responded to the controversy with an open letter in which he defended the people in no uncertain terms. transgender. His writings were made public on the website Trevor ProjectAn organization that operates the world’s largest suicide hotline specifically for young people LGBTQ+ community.

And you, what do you think of the words of the actress? Let us know, as always, in the comments.

picture: GT (Stuart C Wilson / Getty Images)

source: The telegraph

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