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The (hard) blow to the current account. How to save yourself immediately

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Increase in current account costs Banks In Italy last year it was great. According to a study conducted by Altroconsumo, the consumer and user association that advertises over 350,000 members, in February, increases were set in the range of 7% to 14%. To raise costs there is also a payment canon To own an automated teller machine.

Altroconsumo تحليل analysis

Consumers Association compare the current cost of Bank account Although 2021 refers to new commissions and offers. This was studied on the basis of three criteria: families, youth and retired people. The file highlights that the index of total annual costs (ICC) in online checking accounts grew 13% to €78 for retired With an average of 189 operations per year and 12% for a total of 87 euros for families with medium operations (228 operations).

Who pays more

More specifically, Altroconsumo’s report is clear: families and retirees experienced an increase in current account costs, while it was better for young people. For them, there are no particular shocks, also because Privileges To the younger ones they are always very wealthy and diverse.

What are the cheapest banks

Ultrakonsumo delves into proposals and offers from various credit institutions Operating in Italy by placing the most favorable arrangement. In the first place we find the current account of “Che Banca!” , designed for families with average operations, that is, who carry out 228 transactions within a year. This credit institution also excels in the ranking for retirees with an estimated average of 189 operations per year. In second place came Monte dei Paschi di Siena, while Banco Bpm closed the podium followed by Crédit Agricole. In the queue, in the last position, we find Unicredit; Just above Bnl Bnp Paribas.

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