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The next July 12 It will be a historical story for science lovers. On that day there NASA She announced that she would be sharing our “deeper picture”. Universe“It was never taken, made with it James Webb Space Telescope.

Bill Nelson, NASA Administrator, said the image will appear “Oldest things ever”. Then he added, “It’s farther than humanity has ever looked at, and that’s just the beginning.”

while waiting for a file Photo Destined to change the history of astronomy, the space agency today released a small preview: This is not the final image, but a preprocess that will have priority “A deeper picture of the universe” Until the official release.

The deepest picture in the universe

The photo released today, July 8, is the result of 72 exposures in 32 hours It shows a group of distant stars and galaxies. Stars and galaxies very far from us, not only in space but also in time: in fact, experts explain, this picture depicts what the universe was like millions of years ago. But that’s just a taste of the high definition that will be released on July 12.

“When I took this image, I was thrilled to clearly see the full detailed structure of these faint galaxies,” he said. Neil RowlandsWebb’s program scientist at Honeywell Aerospace, added: “The faint spots in this image are exactly the types of faint galaxies that Webb will study in his first year of scientific operations.”

But Because it’s important Be able to observe as far as possible in space? Because through these images, scientists can “look back in time” and study the phenomena that led to the formation of space as we know it today.

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Telescope to study the “dawn of the universe”

The telescope web It will replace the famous Hubble (in service for 32 years). It was launched into space on December 25, 2021 and entered into orbit millions of kilometers from Earth. Its goal is to survey space and look 13.5 billion years back. According to scientists’ calculations, images from the telescope should show us what the universe looked like when it was “just born” only 100-200 million years after the Big Bang.

the ‘primal’ universe This will help us understand how fast the universe is expanding and analyze things throughout the universe, from galaxies to exoplanets.

telescope cost 10 billion dollars It is a gilded mirror of 18 individual hexagons, each of which can be adjusted in movement and focus.

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