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The Google ecosystem, among the news of February’s improvements to gaming and security

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To keep your Android device safe, it’s not enough revisionwhich Google releases on schedule every month – However, those for February are already on the way, or have already arrived in the case of some Samsung devices. It is also necessary Other central elements of the Google ecosystem are up to date Regularly, such as the Play Store app or Google Play Services.

For some time in Mountain View they split the process in two, allowing these two items to be updated independently of monthly patches, and perhaps also To beat slow (or deficiency, in some cases) from support for some manufacturers. Thus Play Store, Play Services and other components are enriched with useful fixes to increase security and functional news as well February. Here is the list of changes sent by Google.

New in February 2021 for the Google ecosystem

  • Fixed revisions:
    • Bug fixes for device connectivity, developer services, security and emergency, system administration and diagnostics, and utility-related services
  • Google Play Store:
    • Job improvements Play while downloading To allow users to start playing while the app is downloading
    • New features to help you discover the apps and games you love
    • Improvements for faster and more reliable downloads and installations
    • New Features for Play Pass and Play Points
    • Google Play billing improvements
    • Improvements to Play Protect to further protect your device
    • Numerous performance improvements, bug fixes, security, stability and accessibility improvements
  • System administration:
    • System management services updates to improve device connectivity, network usage, stability, security, and upgradeability
  • Developer services:
    • New features for those who develop apps for Google and third parties: ad support, accessibility, analytics and diagnostics, machine learning and artificial intelligence processes

Install updates

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There is no There are no manual installation procedures Because, as Google explains on the support pages, system updates are installed automatically by default. The user can change the automatic updates preferences by:

  • Settings
  • google browser
  • else (a button with three dots stacked vertically)
  • System service updates

Google reminds you of this by disabling system service updates “Updates from non-Google sources, such as updates from your device manufacturer or carrier, or updates to your apps via the Play Store settings are not disabled.” As you specify it google browser Can update system services even with automatic updates turned off to resolve serious safety issues or comply with legal obligations.”

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