May 31, 2023

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The gas station is scamming you: watch out for this sign when you put gasoline “they steal a lot of money from you”

In addition to the general increase in fuel prices, we must be careful that the gas station operator did not tamper with the pump. We explain how they do it.

Gas station, watch out for scams – Motori.News

Beware of scams when refueling at the gas station – fuel I jumped rocket and if it was enough before 10 euro To be able to see Exit little pointer GasToday we need at least Double. But there is another fact that you have to pay a lot for it attentionEven a gas station where you can refuel deceive you on the quantity dispense gasoline.

And if you think it happened rareVI wrong – wrong – wrong. search watch financialwho checked it 905 distributors check about shout lay off, okay 200 They were found tampered with.

Approximately 20% of pumps are incompatible, So it’s not that hard it can happen to us either. We spoke to gas station managerwho wants to remain anonymous, who made it clear to us what tricks this number use.

Here are the tricks some operators use to dispense less gas.

The current situation he sees Rising prices in every sector Energeticput everyone in crisis including managers Gasoline pumps. Here we are looking for a way to acquire As much as possible, even if this goes to Harmful Another person, she motorists.

for us trusted manager Show us that there are different ways to do it, but it’s basically the same 4 ways to do summit Now we will explain it to you in detail.

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Financial control check distributor
Guardia di Finanza checks the petrol dispensed at the petrol station –

-method 1

It is also perhaps the most classic method known, which is Distributor tampering. The Administration From the pump, in the league with Technical From maintenance, it will reduce the proportion dispense gasoline per liter, that’s it. You are satisfied that you refueled the machine 10 litersBut the reality is that they only spent 9.6 liters Leaving 0.4 liters per distributor. look in 10000 liters Then, well 4000 liters Will stay at the gas station, who with Gasoline cost Today you will win 8000 Euro at your own expense.

Mituto 2

In this case they employees From the pump to do it the trick. in oTipping king As you create a queue at the distributor, you have to pay special attention to who supplies you. The method they use is simple when you are not looking at the pump employee does not reset the counter Starting with the previous delivery.

Gas station scam

Believe you put €40 But the delivery actually started when it was already recorded 10 euro. and here this employee Mischievous, in his pocket at the end of the day, a a few hundred euros with this the trick.

3 . method

It’s now order less used Because it is easy to detect, i.e. pull gasoline in the rate of spent oil. The problem with this technology is that many motorists inevitablyEngines broke down from their devices. It triggered checkups From the regulatory authorities that revealed the trick.

GDF pump control
Control of the pump by Guardia di Finanza –

4 . method

Finally we have a filebuy black fuel. The carrier, in cooperation with another dishonest employee, They steal gasoline Modify loading and unloading records. there Gasoline theft It is eventually sold to the manager, advertising 1/3 the price With earnto the director, which can exceed 40 thousand euros tax free!

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Maximum attention Next time you go to refuel, the economic difficulties we are going through, lead man to look for every way to acquire As much as possible. Even if this is at the expense of honest people.