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The gas bill will increase by 1,866 euros per family in 2022 – the economy

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How much does our gas bill cost? In December, for customers still in the protected market, the increase reported by Arera was 23.3% compared to November, with higher prices in the first two weeks having a significant impact. Despite the many savings made in this area, 2022 brings a bill for the typical household of €1,866, an increase of 64.8% in 2021. If you add the increases in gas prices to those in electricity, “the total sting is €3,547.” , according to the National Consumers Union (UNC).

Meanwhile, in the international market, the wholesale price of methane is still falling, futures are trading in Amsterdam at 71.36 euros per megawatt-hour (Mwh), down 7.35% while looking at European gas stocks, they rise to 68,934 TWh ( terawatt hours). ), equal to 83.5% filling capacity and with a positive trend of 0.15%, according to Gie-Agsi platform data. Italy has inventories at 159.57 TWh with deposits filling at 82.49%. Fairly good value, considering that we are at the beginning of January, and due to favorable weather conditions and lower industrial consumption, the head of the Energy, Networks and Environment Regulatory Authority, Stefano Pesegini, notes, however, warning that it is “two diseases”. For the Minister of the Environment and Energy Security, Gilberto Becchetto Fratten, the concern was securing the system and agreeing on a price ceiling – with a cap on the price of gas at 180 euros at the European level – was “anti-speculative”, “conditions were created to avoid a price explosion”, in short, ” It’s a bazooka to intervene if speculators cause the international price to fluctuate it will probably never apply but works on the saying ‘if you go anything further than that, I’ll shoot you’. According to the new method for calculating the price of gas on a monthly basis, which was introduced by the Authority last October, the value of the raw material amounted to 116.6 euros / MWh, which is equivalent to the average prices recorded daily throughout the month of December, which witnessed, in the first few weeks, prices reached to a peak of around 135 EUR/MWh. If Arrera had used the old refresh method (pre-quarterly rather than post-monthly) throughout the last quarter of 2022, the value would have been higher than €240 per MWh. The authority indicates that the component of the gas price covering purchase costs, applicable to customers still under protection, is updated as a monthly average price on the Italian wholesale market (virtual exchange point, i.e. the meeting point between gas supply and demand in Italy) and published during The first two business days of the month following the reference month. We’ll have to wait another six months to see the price of gas drop. Speaking to Sky tg24 Economy it will remain stable “net of unforeseen events” while “in the second half of the year, with the diversification” of gas supplies with the first gasification regasification plant commissioned in the spring, “a stable reduction mark,” Besegini explained to Sky tg24 Economy. For the first quarter of 2023, as required by budget law, Arrera has already reduced its general system fee for gas to zero. Consumers, for now, are growing up. Codacons says the increase is worse than expected and urges the government to take urgent measures to save Italians’ pockets. In attacking the government “inadequate to deal with this national emergency,” UNC urgently requests that the end of the protected gas market which is scheduled to take place on April 1, 2023 for condominiums and associations be postponed. The second is “increasing the number of beneficiaries of energy, gas and water rewards.”

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