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The foldable phone challenge is in its worst year ever

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“I am convinced that in the years to come the folds will represent the element of novelty that has been lost,” he explains. Stephen GrianteVice President of Sales Tribute to Italy, also because «producers’ return is more important in the middle and high range. Our growth strategy focuses on sustainability. We are not looking for lower prices to create volumes, but we are building a strategy that looks towards the medium and long term, which is what customers and distributors feel the need at the moment.”

Also because a furrow has been created in the market after the actual exit of Huawei which has come to follow Samsung with a share of more than 30% of the smartphone market in Italy. Many Chinese manufacturers compete in this field.

The “core” market is in pain

In 2022 for market share in our country, as reported by Il Sole 24 Ore, Samsung takes the lead with 35%, followed by Xiaomi, 18%, Apple, 18%, Oppo, 7% and others. Except that 40% of phones sold cost less than 200 euros, 30% between 200 and 400 euros, 10% between 400 and 800 euros and 20% more than 800. The “core” market, as Gartner calls it, is the one that It suffered the most in the sales crisis in 2022. According to analyst estimates, by the end of 2023, consumers will extend the replacement cycle of mobile phones from six to nine months.

Fringe extensions

Again, Gartner’s estimate for 2023 of a decline in the global smartphone market is still in the order of -4%, which is better than the double-digit decline in 2022 (it was -12 in Q3) but still low.

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For Italy, “I expect stability in the first and second half of growth – Grianti’s remarks -. Italy is the country that Honor is focusing on the most in Europe. An important testing ground for new products and new designs.”

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