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Hockey Sarzana is the sole leader in A2 after three days

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There was no shortage of excitement on the Vecchio Mercato track as Gamma Innovation Sarzana suffered the initial advantage of Blue Factor Castiglione which was then wiped out by a comeback marked by a young Ernest Cinqueni hat-trick that took Rossoneri’s Giovanni Beretta to a solitary summit three days later in the group B from Serie A2. The Rossoneri achieved a very significant success, with three points deservedly against an opponent who does not hide the category-leap target. Cheerful President Corona says after the match: “I spoke with my manager and I said on the eve that I would not draw when I saw my children and their thirst for victory. We must not be afraid of anyone – continued the President – if we stay focused, if we play, if we play our game, I think we can play it with everyone And all our children should believe in this concept.The president then concludes by saying “Yes, Sunday evening, we had a great desire, we wanted to compete with a team on paper that is stronger than us, a team from Maremma, who wants to play for the leap in the category.” It was a very important test for us, obviously the two victories in the first two days gave us a boost and allowed us to face Castiglione in our best mental condition. But this victory does not give us a license to phenomena, but a license to the young apprentices who have to work hard to learn the trade. But if we look closely at our squad, we will indeed find the phenomenon and it is Mirco Bertolucci who, at the age of 49, still delights us with first-class plays.”
But let’s check out the match news: Massimo Bracali appears at Centro Polivalente with his entire squad and his key player lined up with Captain Brunelli and Borali along with two Azzurrini veterans from the last European under command. 19 Maldini and Capido with Saita defending the goal, Gucci, Santoni, Perfetti and second goalkeeper Donini at his disposal. Giovanni Beretta, who had to dispense with the injured Cardella, responds with Miccini, Bertolucci, Pistelli, Pizzini, Cincini. The match begins with the advantage of the Maremmans who lead past 4′ and 24′ thanks to Cabiddu’s goal who, with a top in the area, finds the opportunity to beat Mechini. Maremma players try to break through but the Rossoneri goalkeeper takes the chair and saves his goal several times. In the 11th minute, the Rossoneri equalized thanks to Bertolucci’s invention who released him in front of Saita, undisturbed who scored 1 to 1. Two minutes pass and Cinquini ends up on the bench being penalized after a silly foul made on the runway center line. He goes to switch from Buralli’s direct shot but Mechini is great and saves the score and is raised on rebound and in subsequent power play. The sound of the siren closes the first part of the game with a score of 1 to 1. In the second half there is another game altogether, the Rossoneri resolutely take over the game, after 8′ at the end of the counterattack Cinquini at the second post Pistelli for 2 to 1. Maremma players try They shake themselves up, but they can’t find the right lanes to spoil the Rossoneri’s defense. Then Ernest Cencini, former Correggio, who found his personal hat-trick in seven minutes at 40 and 17″, took advantage of a pass from Nicolas Pizzini and bags 3 to 1. After he made his own and with two actions the image gets rid of the direct opponent and does not miss in front of the goalkeeper, scoring the result of 5 to 1. Upon hearing the last siren, the party erupted for a third victory for the Sons of Mr. Beretta.Next week rest for the Rossoneri Ranch Team and then on November 27 and 28 a double match at home against Decom Roller Matera and Prato Startit.

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Gamma H Sarzana innovation – HC Castiglione blue agent = 5-1 (1-1, 4-0)

Gamma H innovation. Mechini (Andreoni), Pistelli (C), Cinquini Ern, Pezzini, Bertolucci M – Marchetti, Carrieri, Angeletti, Lavagetti. Coach: Giovanni Beretta
Blue Agent HC CASTIGLIONE: Saita (Donini), Maldini, Borali, Capido, Brunelli L (centre) – Gucci, Santoni, Perfetti. Coach: Massimo Bracali

Signs: 1t: 4’24” Capiddu (C), 11’33” Marchetti (S) – 2t: 8’00” Pistelli (S), 15’17” Cinquini Ern (S), 16’48” Cinquini Ern (S) , 21’22” Cinquini Ern (S)

parcel: 1 Ton: 13’03” Cinquini Ern (2′) (S)

Rule: Donato Mauro from Salerno

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