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The five finalists for the 2022 Franco Fossati Prize – Lo Spazio Bianco

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One of the most famous Western personalities in the world.
The epic of the largest Italian publisher, during its first eight decades.
How history, philosophy, and mythology interacted in one of the most famous epic epics of all time.
Disney World seen from the inside, by those who’ve been at the helm of Dell’s Weekly Mouse for years.
An essential page in children’s publishing, and the primary role of women in this adventure.

Very different characters, editors, and themes, but – albeit with different accents, sensibilities and goals – all very exciting and stark. These are the five volumes that the jurors chose to be in the final stage of the Franco Fossati Prize, the only national competition dedicated to critical and non-fiction work on comics, by Italian authors. Now in its 26th edition, the award is organized by International Comic Animation Film Festival And the cartoon club gamesIn cooperation with Franco Fossati Foundation sponsored ANAFI (National Association of Friends of Comics and Illustration), Anonymous Comics And the Comic Center “Andrea Pazenza”.

Here are the five:
Bruno Caborlingua, Mauro GiordaniA man named BlueberryI am in (2022)
Giulio C. CoccoliniAnd the The woman who bore Corriere de PiccoliAnd the comic (2021)
Valentina de PoliAnd the People’s EducationAnd the the conqueror (2022)
Graziano Frediani (Edited By) – Publisher Sergio Bonelli. 80 years in the comics SBE (2021)
Simon RastelliAnd the The unofficial hypnotic guideAnd the NPE (2021)

The jury is made up of 5 writers of articles, critics and expert journalists, headed by them Gianni BrunoroTherefore, the Dean of Italian Critics selected the five finalists from among the many works participating in the 2022 edition of the award.
The winning work will be revealed at the Cartoon Club Festival. On Friday, July 15, the Franco Fossati Prize will be awarded Celebrating the evening Cartoon Club Galain Piazza Francesca da Rimini, from 8 pm (admission is free).
The publisher of the winning book is rewarded by publishing an advertisement dedicated to the book in question in specialized magazines. China smoke (Edited by Freecom) e comic (Edited by Anafi), as well as on the websites, newsletters and social networking pages of all the collaborators mentioned here. Furthermore, all participating volumes of the award, together with the cover, will be published in the Cartoon Club Festival 2022 catalog, and on the social channels of the event and associations associated with the award.

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