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The five-a-side football event returns after a five-year hiatus

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Ancona The Magic Nights are back in Piazza Bertini, and the city of Ancona is back. Today “Trofeo Ill.Pa Ristrutturazioni, the new main sponsor,…

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Ancona The Magic Nights are back in Piazza Bertini, and the city of Ancona is back. Today “Trofeo Ill.Pa Ristrutturazioni, the new main sponsor, the traditional Ancona event returns to the scene in the heart of the capital 5 years after the last time. It was interrupted due to Covid, but now it is ready to celebrate its 25th edition. It starts on Thursday, June 13, with The final is on Wednesday, July 3. Before the pandemic, Bertini achieved a traffic of more than 50 thousand visitors, and now she aims to do even better, as we mentioned yesterday in the council hall of the municipality of Ancona, during the launch conference Di Ancona, is much more than just a five-a-side football tournament as stated in its slogan – Councilor Daniele Berardinelli opened the speeches -. There will be amazing matches, and you will be able to eat and drink right at the centre. I thank Giacomo Ruffini who took charge of the organization and put together a very attractive event on paper.”

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“Promise kept”

Mayor Daniele Silvetti said: “We promised this shortly after we took office, and we have kept our word.” Città di Ancona is restarting and adds to the list of important events that will liven up many areas of the city this summer. “For us, it is an interesting and important opportunity,” commented Luca Casagrande from Convertiganato Ancona. “For our company, it is a great honor to be the new main sponsor of such a beautiful and exciting event,” added Laureano Nunziato, owner of Ill.Pa Ristrutturazioni. Many confirmations and many new features. «It will be an arena with a more attractive design – revealed the new organizer, Giacomo Ruffini, who took over from MMag Comunicazione’s Matteo Magnarelli, president of Pertini from 2007 to 2019 -. “There will be a very large grandstand, new and more powerful lights, several food stalls, a beer stand, two giant screens to watch the European Football Championship and much more.”

“Clear madness”

“I passed the organizing baton to Giacomo Ruffini, because there was a need for new energy and a little ‘apparent madness’, a quality which he possessed in great measure. As MMag Comunicazione, we will take care of the sports and communication part. It will be an elite tournament, with many futsal champions, all the best from the Marche region and some stars from the rest of Italy. Suffice it to say that there will be 7 players from the Italian League on the field.” From Tonidandel to Belloni, passing through Lamedica, Cesaroni, Gomez, Sgolastra, Ricordi and Carducci. The stars of Ancona are ready to shine in Piazza Bertini.

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