April 24, 2024

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He filmed students in the shower: former football referee convicted

He filmed students in the shower: former football referee convicted

After nearly five years of disputed facts, the conviction has arrived for the former match referee who filmed his students at the referees’ school with a hidden mobile phone. Castellammare di StabiaA municipality in the province of Naples. The story goes back to 2018. That yearPrevious ruling It was reported by five girls, all of whom were eighteen at the time.

The story emerged when a young man noticed a mobile phone hidden inside the changing rooms in a position that made the phone’s camera point towards the girls and film them while they were showering.

The girls, who were also victims of harassment by the man, were defended by a team of lawyers who are part of the “Free from Violence” association founded and managed by the lawyer. Chessino is free. “No one believed what the little girls told them. They were slandered and insulted. They called them chickens.” Cecino told La Presse.

The same lawyer also explained that they told the girl who discovered the cell phone hidden in the dressing room.That he was doing it on purpose, maybe because he had it courtship “It was rejected.” The lawyer stressed this “Everyone was supportive of the harasser. Everyone said the 40-year-old was a… good guy“. These events could also have had an impact on the lives of young people. “After what they went through, none of them wanted to be a referee anymore,” Chessino added.

“It is a success. Nothing can be taken for granted now, despite the teamwork of the entire legal team, but a surprise is always at hand.” Chessino concluded with satisfaction. The previous judge, who used the abbreviated procedure, was sentenced to two years in prison by the Torre Annunziata District Court of Naples.

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