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The first hurray in the house deserves the throne

The first hurray in the house deserves the throne

Before the point of the first, second and third categories, a flash of excellence: Bagnoli’s board of directors met last night and decided to dismiss Simone Celgardi, who is paying the price for a terrible list of performances: two points in 12 matches. The replacement will be available within the next few hours.

Let’s move on to the second category: the first home win for Real Cascina which soars to the top of Group D. It also benefits from a draw in the big match Santos 1948 – Barcelona and the knockout of the other queen Saxom United, the red and the whites come back from 0-2 to 4-2 San Faustino passed with Arioli and Lettieri. For Ferrari in the pits Cortese (2005), Marchesini, Palermo and Mira. One half and only 2-2 between Barcelona and Santos 1948: A double goal by Sassi and Davali. Enzana responded at the start of the second half with a touch from Gualtieri and a shot from Valpo. In the final, the Citizens converted a penalty kick with Ippolito, and then goalkeeper Donnelly denied Valpo a goal.

Atletico Bibiano Canosa kicked off with an English celebration in Rivalta against Sussum United after a slow first half. In the 4th minute of the second half, after an incorrect local clearance, Gallinari made elaborate external movements, then new substitute Bellucci took advantage of a shot from Ghiberti to complete the cross in the seven.

Redemption also for United Albinia who scored a hat-trick at home against Reggio Calcio who were already shocked in the first minute after Manzini’s introduction; In the second half Franceschetti doubled the number of restarts. Things were even in the final of the Bassa derby between Gualterese and Novellara: local anger at a penalty kick taken by Da Silva in the 87th minute with a header from a corner kick taken by the specialist Mantovani. League leaders Campogalliano were very level and narrowly violated (1-0) Parrocchiale della Virtus Mandrio, but in the race to the finish. Instead, Mazzacane’s goal forced Rubiera to draw against Corlu, the leaders of Group E. Signs of awakening for Borzanesi, who conceded a narrow margin (1-2) over the artificial team composed of Junior Fiorano, who went to the end of the first half with a double margin; Eventually Kuci falls short by 11 metres. Gattatico is close to achieving great success in the fortress of league leaders Fonta Calcio (Group B), which saved itself in the final with Borelli. Reggio Emilia took the lead at the end of the first half thanks to Vassapolo’s shot over the bar. The Campegnese rejoice in the photo finish (2-1) in the comeback against Pro Vilanova thanks to the strikes solved by Ioti and Sal.

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In Prima, Virtus Libertas maintained the lead in the third group (Regiolo lost to Erardi and Costa), while Casalgrande lost in the fourth group, opening a crisis due to the internal defeat (2-3) against Spilamberto. Barbieri’s double (right winger from a corner kick and a stunning seven-pointer from 30 meters) was not enough for the Rossoblu forces who made way in the second half. A goal in the Cesarini area by Corradini sets up Mason’s attack on Guastalla, keeping the Citizens in third place. Previously back and forth between Issa and Al-Dermeshi. A convincing comeback success for Falkgalileo, who surprised (2-1) Bovegliese, who passed the ball with a perfect free kick from Saturno. An immediate equalizer through Canevari’s cross from Arcuri, then on the hour mark from Guidetti’s decisive free-kick. The cursed season continues for Falcito Tirzo, the former service player, who, upon returning from an injury sustained on the first day after just 180 minutes, was sent off after just 80 seconds for adding a yellow card for another simulation. Taken on the bench. A brace with several accelerations from Razzaq brings back smiles among the original Celtic Boys Pirates in Fossoli on Virtus Sebino. A cursed away match for Rubirizi’s side, who overcame a 6-2 defeat to Viadana, as Rubirizi’s side managed to reopen the dispute with a 2-2 draw thanks to a Vanacor strike and a strike by Ducatelli (2004), who had also scored the previous day for the regional Juniors. .

In third place, the rediscovered Buianello terrorizes league leaders Casalgrandes, who lead at the buzzer by 7 minutes thanks to a Coppola goal. He starts the Veto Race again, defeating Ramcito Ligoncio (3-1). A brace from Preselli and a seal from Benny, who thus broke the long period of abstinence, to which Rico responded with a temporary equaliser. The deflection of a Rossi header gives the derby (2-1) to Velina in Kolagna Square, which responded with Monelli’s score with seven points to Hoxha’s opener from a free kick. The second salute in a row for new student Piasola who holds Gata at home, able to recover from 2-2 with Di Giuseppe and Baroni. Chielli opened for the Citizens, then a personal move from Tejeda who also missed the goalkeeper, then the winning goal for Miglioli.

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