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The festivities continue at the Science Museum

Science Museum K
Science Museum K

through Sunday, January 8th the National Museum of Science and Technology It will always be open From 9.30 to 18.30 With a large offer of activities for adults and children. All activities of the modulus and Visits to temporary and permanent exhibitions I Included in the admission ticket to the museum.

Children between the ages of 10 and 14 will be able to play as an astronaut crew on a mission to the red planet in the laboratory Mars basewhich recreates the Mars base as an innovative scenario for the The STEM experience through an unprecedented live action role-playing game.

All the time it will be open Interactive Labs Where to test your creativity between stop motion and Christmas decorations atChildren’s areaFind out how much chemistry is hidden in the food between the ice cream and dessert experiments ini.lab NutritionDeepen and experience the way Leonardo da Vinci works from a first-person perspectiveI’m a lep Leonardo And build star gardens in themElab Genetics.

It will also always be active patching area Where adults and children ages 8 and up can build marble tracks using gravity, flexibility and geometry.

Guided tours are scheduled free of charge transportation department, For kids and to pay in Leonardo Galleriesthe world’s largest exhibition dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci and inside Enrico Totti’s submarine.

Every time can access Permanent exhibitions From the space area with the lunar part of the Apollo 17 mission, to the railway pavilion with the new Oltrepassare exhibition dedicated to railway excesses, from large sailing ships to the pioneering aircraft of the Aeronavale pavilion.


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