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The father’s gesture is alarming

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On tonight’s episode of Gf Vip, Daniel Dal Moro received an unexpected surprise from his dad.

Tonight’s episode of Gf Vip opened with one of the most lovable couples in the entire edition. Oriana Marzoli and Daniele Dal Moro. In fact, Alfonso Signorini has started showing a video of them and their relationship in the past few weeks and questioning the givin.

Daniel started He explains why he is so attracted to Oriana:”My way, my life has been marked by people who did not behave in the best way. If I have to tell you why, I don’t know. I don’t think I ever deserved it, I don’t know. I’ve never been a bad person. The problem between me and Oriana is not just trust, my question mark is that I can’t understand the value you place on our things. I think Oriana has always loved Luca“.

immediately after Another relates instead to what has happened in the last few days in Geveno And how bad it was after last Monday’s episode. So bad that one day, while discussing with Oriana, he left strong words against the programme, calling it “From whatSignorini reprimanded him for this, rebuked him and reminded him of the value and importance of all their work that lies behind this program. But that’s not all. Immediately after The conductor invited Daniele to resume again He asks him to go to the yard.

Gf Vip, Daniele gets a surprise from his dad

So Algevino immediately ran into the yard where he greeted him, right after that, Father Gianni has arrived. The latter spent beautiful and emotional words, Full of respect and affectionabout son. He tried to reassure and comfort him on his journey, inviting him to continue in the same way and always be himself.

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You need a guiding star and it’s your values ​​that you should always keep in mindThese are the words and advice of Mr. Gianni to his son, Daniel. Finally, the father advised him to mediate.his exaggerationsAnd enjoy this experience in Casablanca.

anyway The most interesting thing about givino – In addition to seeing his father again four months later – this judgment was in particular made by Mr. Gianni. “I’m proud of you and there’s nothing else you have to prove, I’m proud of youHearing these words, Daniele was even more moved and cried:”The only thing I care about is making my dad proud“.

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