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It might make you laugh, but Mars is like Canada

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Last Hammer Spring is part of Axel Heiberg Island, located in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago in the north of the country. This place is very inhospitable and uninhabited. It has only one scientific station that studies its conditions.

The latest discovery team has surprisingly discovered several connections between this region of the North Pole and Mars. A very interesting close to the Red Planet and our knowledge.

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As we said the conditions are restricted, but the water flows because it is so salty, up to 24%, that it does not freeze. It is non-toxic, that is, it carries only one part per million of oxygen, freezes at -5 ° C, and the sediment around the source is loaded with sulfates up to 10%, releasing gases mainly methane.

Amazingly, scientists have found microbes that thrive there and don’t depend on oxygen or organic (complex carbon-based) molecules to survive. Instead, they absorb simple inorganic molecules such as methane, sulfates, and carbon dioxide and use them in their metabolism.

These are incredibly similar conditions to those found on Mars, and if salt water is confirmed to exist deep on Mars, we have a chance to find life there as well.

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