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The Era of “Relational Football”: A Tactical Analysis Article Available by Gagliardi and Bourdin

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An article that opened the door to discussion among professionals, but also among enthusiasts; A tactical analysis published in the latest issue of Technical Sector News (the official magazine of the Technical Sector since 1968) regarding the most interesting news that can be observed on the pitch. Because the question behind it all is: Can we say that we have entered a new tactical era, an era of “relational football”?

A question raised by Antonio Gagliardi (UEFA Professional Coach and match analysis teacher at the Central Courses in Coverciano) and Francesco Bordin (UEFA Assistant Coach of Fanoli in Venice), authors of this article that we have decided to make available to everyone, freely, in the full version. Because the goal of the technical sector is to provide greater knowledge of the game of football, even in its most specific aspects.

In this detailed analysis of new tactical trends, the playing systems adopted by teams such as Xabi Alonso’s Bayer Leverkusen and Thiago Motta’s Bologna, which have characterized this football season, are highlighted.

Is this a “historic” tactical move? To find out, all you have to do is read the article.

Two PDF files of the article are available below, in Italian and English. Enjoy reading.

The relationship with football: a new era. The article (in Italian and English) in pdf format

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