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The East Film Festival is growing and tripling. A space for first-time directors

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The year 2023 is important for the “Est Film Festival” with the return of the July evenings in Piazzale Frigo and extensive work during the year with the novice directors of Italian cinema. “It has always been our goal to make Montefiascone a city of cinema,” said festival director Glauco Almonte.

“We believe – he says – that this initial perspective should be relaunched and strengthened for the present and the future. In recent years we have become a wealth of the territory, a wealth of knowledge and contacts at the service of the potential for local growth. We have a history of seventeen publications, recognized for their importance by the Lazio Region and the Ministry of Culture , which has never lacked their support.

We believe that there is nothing like culture and events that can enhance and enhance an area, attract people to meet it and get them talking about it through the media. Hence the desire to boost supply for 2023.”

It will be the year of a small but important revolution: the historic appointment in July dedicated to junior directors of Italian cinema will be joined, with a new structure, by the competitive departments Eff | Doc and Eff | Short.

The Italian Documentary Competition will accompany Eff | Doc audience from May, with performances every Tuesday, for five weeks. In December, he will take over the role of Eff| Short, a day dedicated entirely to the short film competition.

The July appointment includes not only the presentation of works by new directors of Italian cinema, but also the return of Special Incontri, opportunities for dialogue, knowledge of authors, themes and initiatives.

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Almonte concluded, “Bringing the festival back to the streets was essential to return to welcoming the audience important from the point of view of interest and numbers. Rediscovering the joy of sharing a movie vision together will be a beautiful feeling for everyone. Competitions for first-time directors, multiplied by three, will allow us instead to make Montefiascon increasingly recognized as the land of cinema and as a point of reference for the sector as a festival in a broader way.”

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