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Wildlife and hunting techniques, seminar in Caramanico

Wildlife and hunting techniques, seminar in Caramanico

(ANSA) – Caramanico Terme, October 18 – The coexistence of human activities and the presence of wild animals is possible, even desirable, only thanks to research and science. This will be the main theme of the international event “Capturing wildlife and stabilizing their chemical movement” scheduled to be held from tomorrow 19 to Saturday 21 October in Caramanico Terme (Pescara), in the Maiella National Park. Veterinarians, biologists, researchers and students from all over the world will discuss the latest scientific updates on techniques for capturing and anesthetizing wild animals, for conservation and management purposes, thus developing good mechanical and pharmaceutical hunting practices, adapted to the behaviour, physiology and welfare of the animals.
“The system of hunting wild animals represents how interaction with humans evolved. For centuries – explains Simone Angelucci, head of the park’s veterinary office – it has been used to hunt animals in arenas and exhibitions; in recent decades it has been developed for research and conservation purposes, allowing in some cases By rescuing endangered species. Recently, hunting teams are also involved in resolving difficult interactions, such as those resulting from confident or problematic animals in urban areas or of a largely human nature, thus contributing to the social and institutional benefit. The Maiella National Park has developed, in a way Multidisciplinary and complementary, these practices primarily benefit the wolf, bear and Apennian chamois, and have also fostered exchanges on several occasions between professionals from different contexts and countries around the world.”
The event, organized by the Wildlife Research Center in Maiella Park, comes at a critical moment in the relationship between humans and wildlife. On the one hand, the elimination of native habitats and species, due to economic and social development, has changed the balance of the ecosystem, requiring urgent intervention to conserve some species. On the other hand, the abandonment of rural areas by humans pushes various animals to frequent urban areas as well. (handle).


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