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The dramatic collapse of the box office early in the second week

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a race Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness In the first week of its distribution, it was a record number, making over half a billion dollars. But this second time ends up with a massive 67% drop, in line with other lucky MCU titles, but for more troubling reasons.

It was a cruel blow that marked the end of the second week of the distribution of the new chapter of the movie Doctor Strange, which he directed Sam Raimi, as well as the most ambitious – perhaps scattered, not just dense – regarding the new theme of the multiverse introduced with the start of Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As of today, according to Deadline’s extensive weekly report, the movie ends with Massive 67% drop at the weekend box office Compared to its debut weekend, the home was made $61 million. This takes him straight to a peak of $291 million at the domestic box office and box office 688.1 million worldwide.

Obviously, as Deadline’s box office expert Anthony D’Alessandro points out, defining such a second week result as dramatic might seem like an understatement. And upon closer examination, in fact, given Kevin Feige’s ever-growing drive to build films that rely more and more on new entries and hit returns, much of these films’ fun will be immediately spoiled by spoilers. Which always makes the first weekend of distributions an unforgiving measureDefinitely out of range. Proof of this is the fact that -67% is not new to the latest Marvel titles, including the massive launcher like Spider-Man: There is no room for home.

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At that time, in fact, the third installment of Home Saga until it recorded a decrease of 67.5% The second weekend at the box office. However, D’Alessandro points out, there is a gap between the two trends, because the reasons and predictions to derive from them are quite different. For No Way Home, it mainly relied on the fact that the second weekend Matching Christmas EvePossibly one of the craziest weekends of the year for movie theaters. The same for the third weekend of the new year, with the gap then narrowing in the following weeks, leaving the film at the top of the box office and moving it to sixth place among the highest-grossing films of all time.

In the case of Doctor Strange, on the other hand, IThe retreat would have depended solely on the increasingly ruthless word of mouth, with public opinion well represented by sad B-on CinemaScore. For many, appearance The most popular in Doctor Strange 2 is Wandabut many others for example have highlighted some Narrative holes in Doctor Strange 2which also appears through the words of Benedict Cumberbatch Very similar to Moon Knight themes. Maybe a lot.

Followed by the animated movie “Very Bad” and as the third movie appears is the movie “Sonic 2”, while Firestarter is only ranked 4th In its first weekend with only $3.8 million.

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