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The downing of a military drone in Zagreb “sourced from war”. What we know so far – alien

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Zagreb, March 22, 2022 – Croatia in shock: 3 am Military drone He fell in Zagreb. According to experts, he has definitely arrived from war zones, But it is not known whether he is Russian or Ukrainian. Then the drone arrived in Croatia from Hungary, here from Romania, and before that from Ukraine. A long journey into autonomy, and dangerously out of control. According to experts, it should be a reconnaissance drone of Type Tu-141 of Soviet production, which was also used by the Ukrainian army. Since the plane has Working range of about 1000 km, It could have started from the area Odessa.

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Now in Zagreb, they want to know right because he fell on their heads, and What are the risks of the futureNow that the armed conflict is getting closer and closer to the Romanian borders. The Croatian government has announced that both civilian and military police investigators are at work, as well as Boy He wants to see clearly. The mayor of Zagreb, Tomislav Tomasevic, confirmed that parts of the drone ended up in different parts of the city, and then cordoned off the police.

There were no injuries, but it was a coincidence since then crashed into a parking lot In the university area, a loud noise caused a crater with a diameter of 2-3 meters. The area is densely populated: there is no shortage of testimonies and videos on social media. “Military drones, according to the data collected, entered Croatian airspace from east to west, or from Hungarian airspace, to at 700 kilometers per hour Its height is 1,300 meters.” Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic confirmed the start of government investigations.

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“This is a very serious accident but most likely He is not a threat to Croatia.”Croatian Ministry of Defense announced. The radars indicated that the drone remained in Croatian airspace seven minutes, While she was flying over Hungary for 40 minutes.

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