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The arrival of Brancalione’s army – Libero Quotidiano

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Born in Tortona (AL) on December 19, 1941. Graduated in Law in Pavia. Journalist since 1971. Actress Ida Maeda has been married for 45 years. Two sons. Film critic (my name) for “La Notte” from 1971 to 1995. For “Libero” from 2000 to today. Author of three dictionaries: Film Dictionary (1978-1990); All films (from 1991 to 1999); Television Dictionary (1993).

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adventure soldier With Bud Spencer, Philip LeRoy, Mark Burrell. Directed by Pasquale Vista Campanile. Produced in Italy 1976. Duration: 1 hour 47 minutes

the plot The Barletta Challenge, the grand finale of all the stories and films about Ettore Fieramosca, has been re-proposed in a hilarious key to the Brancaleone Army. In Apulia in 1503, the French and Spanish armies fought. Some Italian soldiers, fighting for the Spaniards, including the legendary Ettore Veramusca, resent when a French captain speaks ill of the Italians, whom he all considered scoundrels and cowards. From resentment to defiance. Thirteen against thirteen. Led by the formidable Ferramosca, the Italians will win.

why do you see it Because, frankly, funny, in his manipulation of history as an Italian farce. Much of the film is devoted to recruiting Italian so-called “heroes”. How can you win with a team that includes Orest Leonello and Enzo Cannavale? But you win, thanks to Bud’s gallant little Sperloni

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