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The “Don’t Look For” director will produce a movie about the assault on Congress. But it is really controversial

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It’s not even time to settle the facts about the attack on the Washington Capitol that Adam McKay pulled a new project out of the hat. will be titled G6 It will be a cinematic reconstructionThe attack on Capitol Hill 6 last January. chat manager do not search She decided to adopt the script as a producer. In fact, there will be construction director Billy Ray, who in the past has worked in films such as the secret of his eyesAnd Ultimate TycoonAnd flight planAnd Richard Jewell e play condition. “Billy wrote a screenplay that is not only heartbreaking and horrifying, but sure to become the definitive cinematic record for that heartbreaking day,” McKay said in a statement.


But there are those who raised their noses: some US citizens said they were not yet ready for “the Hollywood version of an event that was collectively traumatizing most of the country”. The announcement has already led to the launch of controversyEspecially towards my father do not search: Many said they were exhausted by the kind of sarcasm with which Mackay was treated.

what it was Known From Joe Biden as “the worst attack on American democracy since the Civil War” would become a producer whose script has already been proposed to many studios and streaming services. These days, McKay, along with other producers Todd Shulman, Josh McLaughlin, Colin Hoback, and Shane Salerno are busy in negotiations. The film was directed by Ray, who was able to provide a distinctive look at the facts. The director traveled to Washington a few days after the siege, and interviewed police officers Michael Fannon and Harry Dunn and members of Congress trapped inside the Capitol. Agent Michael Fannon contributed to the project as a script consultant throughout the process. “The goal was to define a memorable day from the point of view of those who lived it,” Ray said.

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