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The documentary dedicated to Mimmo Farina wins a film award

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Termoli. “We won! Best Documentary “Caliber of Milan: Hours of Destiny” at the 2023 Vespertilio Awards! Very excited and happy.” With this social message, director M. Deborah Farina announced success at the Vespertilio Awards, an Italian film tribute to the horror, crime, thriller, noir, science fiction and dark fantasy scene.

Director M. Deborah Farina – same title but unrelated – dedicated the documentary “Caliber Milan 9: Hours of Destiny” to Mimmo Farina, with a reference to Mimmo’s memory inserted in the end credits.

Deborah Farina is a director, author and researcher of underground cinema. He writes many scripts, including for filmmakers. Independent Film Stories and Rockumentary & Concert Film, Guide to Rock Cinema. A student of the legendary American director Albert Maysles, she has made films and documentaries: From Paranoid (known as the “state of independent Italian cinema”), to Anarchitaly, the retrospective Venice transfer “Orizzonti” .68, to Down by Di Leo. A love journey to discover Fernando Di Leo.

Memo had just turned 51 a few days before, and the lawyer, as he is known, died on the night between 9 and 10 October, in the Home of the Relief of Suffering in San Giovanni Rotondo, where he had been hospitalized less than 5 months. Earlier, to the consequences of the collision he had on his bike with a truck that stopped in Elba Road, while he was on his way to dialysis at the San Timoteo Hospital, but fate chose the path to heaven for him.

The memory spread in Turin at the Film Festival last November.

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