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“Living Fearlessly in an Age of Uncertainty”, a film about the questions of this trailer

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The premiere of “Living Without Fear in an Age of Uncertainty” sold out within a few hours at the Parenti Theater in Milan. Julia SoddyCurated by Samuel Pussetto, Pia Di Simon, Alessandra Guerulin, Kirsten Pinto Gferroerer, Aaron Riches and Alessandro Ruvati and in collaboration with Massimo Bernardini. The film was born from a gallery created for the 2021 Rimini meeting.
The movie features three great characters: Charles TaylorProfessor Emeritus of Philosophy at McGill University in Montreal; Julian CaronProfessor of Theology at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan and President of the Fraternity of the Company and Editorial from 2005 to 2021; Rowan Williams, Professor Emeritus of Contemporary Christian Thought at the University of Cambridge and Archbishop of Canterbury, Archbishop of England from 2002 to 2012, is raised by the most radical questions of our time and attempts to answer them starting from their personal path. Their testimonies are constantly intertwined with Provocations, facts and questions that interests us, and creates a stream composed of songs, songs, interviews, movie clips, TV series, poems, artwork and current photos.
the bet live our time, characterized by uncertainty, as an irreplaceable opportunity to rediscover the true nature of the self, and its thirst for truth, justice and goodness. It is a story in which the questions of women and men are uncensored, and no aspect of reality is censored. And even the most uncomfortable questions, in the end, become indispensable factors in the commune journey human adventure.

Upcoming shows: April 25 in Genoa at Palazzo Ducale; Shows will follow in Rome and Turin (dates to be determined).

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