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Trailer, release date, photos and details of the official FIA driving game –

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F1 22 Presented by Codemasters and Electronic Arts with an extension Trailer for a moviethe first Pictures and date Exit Official, set for July 1 in PC, PlayStation and Xbox versions.

As promised, the official unveiling of the F1 22 marks the entry into a new era for the racing series, with 2022 FIA Formula One World Championship and its hybrid cars, new racing weekend rules and inclusion of races F1 racing.

“With the most competitive and unpredictable squad, players will test their skills over the course of time 2022 calendarwhich will include the International Autodrome for the inaugural Grand Prix of you love Me‘, as stated in the press release.

F1 22, single seats queue in the poll round

“Another absolute novelty is the fact that players will be able to enter the magical world of Formula 1 through F1 life, a customizable hub to showcase their collection of supercars, clothing and accessories earned through the game, the Podium Pass and the in-game Brand Store. “

Players can pre-order now Hero Editionwhich includes three days of early access and a limited-time content pack inspired by Miami.”

“We look forward to welcoming our players into the new era Formula 1said Lee Mather, Senior Creative Director at Codemasters F1.

F1 22, view from the cockpit
F1 22, view from the cockpit

“By keeping pace with changes in the real world, we have Physics update To adapt it to the new aerodynamic rules and rework the tire model, making the driving experience more true to reality.”

“With New and updated circuitsWith Adaptive AI, F1 Life and expanded game options, there has never been a better time for players to take their place and live the life of an F1 driver.”

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Rescheduled Competition Day allows players to customize their settings with new options immersive And Broadcasting That affects training sessions, moments with the safety car and pit stops.

F1 22, individual seats lined up on the racetrack
F1 22, individual seats lined up on the racetrack

By choosing Immersive, players will face challenges of risk and reward, which could be the difference between winning a spot on the podium or leaving the leaderboard. Streaming takes the pressure off, with censored, authentic cinematics keeping players close to the action.

For the ultimate immersive F1 experience, the new feature VR . computer via oculus rift And HTC Vive It allows players to feel the drama from inside the cockpit.

For fans of the spin-off and the new, the new adaptive artificial intelligence It keeps less experienced players competitive for the duration of each match, while adapting the opponent’s AI to the skill level. Accessible and manageable menus also return to help players get to the action quickly without having to understand the intricacies of the sport.

F1 22, cars details
F1 22, cars details

renewed training programs Offer more variety with new registration and show tracking systems. This helps players to handle every corner perfectly before running to get all those championship points.

F1 22 is proud too improvements to existing features, including my teamwhich allows players to choose their starting budget based on three entry points: newcomer, challenger, and frontrunner.

The game is undergoing real track updates in Australia, Spain and Abu Dhabi to reflect recent changes. F1 22 also features his highly acclaimed ten-year career, complete with ‘Option for playersMultiplayer returns for epic races against the global racing community.

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