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Oscar 2022, which animated films are competing for nominations?

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We are slowly discovering what they will be The titles vying for the 2021 Oscar nominations, for example different countries such asItaly with her was the hand of God and the France with Titan They have already chosen their representatives. But in terms of animated films, which films have passed the premiere?

As it turns out, 2022 will be a little less lively (passing the pun) than 2021, at least from the start, compared to last year’s record with 32 films vying for the nomination, There will be 26 animated films competing for honor this yearIt is clear that only 5 of them will be selected who will reach the “finals”.

So between a Pixar movie and a Japanese production, Illumination Entertainment actor and a Netflix movie, here are the feature-animated films that could fit into this category. Best Animated Movie:

  • Adams family 2
  • monkey star
  • Back to the outback
  • belle
  • Bob Spit – We don’t like people
  • Chief Child: Family Business
  • cryptozoo
  • Charm
  • run away
  • Luck favors Mrs. Nikoko
  • Jose the tiger and the fish
  • Laws of the Universe – Age of Elohim
  • Luca
  • mitchell vs machines
  • my sunny stomach
  • Paw Patrol movie
  • Bombo Film
  • Poble Chimney Town
  • Raya and the last dragon
  • Ron gone wrong
  • sing 2
  • The backbone of the night
  • wild spirit
  • top of the gods
  • vivo
  • I wish the dragon

And you, which one will you cheer up? Let us know in the comments.

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