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The curtain is on Magna Graecia Film Festival, here’s the winner

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The 19th edition of the Magna Graecia Film Festival – designed and directed by Gianvito Casadonti, who this year saw actress and musician Beatrice Grani as his godmother – has ended. A full program of Italian and international film and documentary film screenings, meetings and classes for international guests and great live music is what energizes the festival. Magna Graecia Film Festival evenings were presented by radio and television presenter Carolina de Domenico, while Silvia Pizzo and Fabrizio Corallo set up lessons and talks with guests.

The competitions for the Italian premieres, world premieres and documentaries sections, organized respectively by Silvia Pizzo and Antonio Capiloppo, presented some of the most famous works of the season.

Among the first and second works of Italian feature films judged by a jury composed of Pietro Marcello (Chairman of the Jury), Michel Hayek, Giuseppe Zino, Maria Sol Tognazzi and Barbara Cicchiarelli, the following prizes were awarded:

the best movie: Female directed by Francesco Costabel, with the following motive: “A news story carried to the screen by the fictional possibilities of cinema. The female is an excellent first feature.”

Best Director: Gabriele Mainetti for Freaks Out, with the following motivation: “Author, producer, director with a vision. Gabriele Mainetti asserts himself as a unique talent for navigating unexplored territories. An independent voice and now essential to our cinema.”

Best Actress: Lina Siciliano for Una female, with the following motive: “Her temper, gaze, and courage with which she was able to undress for the first time in front of the camera make Lina Siciliano a futuristic certainty for upcoming cinema.”

best actor: Lilo for women’s idols, with the following motive: “for his extraordinary ability to put himself at the service of the story with grace and irony, for the freedom with which he confronts the themes, worlds, and characters of our time which, like in these films, come to life thanks to their uniqueness.”

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best scenario: Nicola Guaglianone and Gabriele Mainetti for Freaks Out with the following motive: “An attentive and careful observer of reality, able to synthesize and transform our history into a free and non-linear tale. Nicola Guaglianone accompanies us on a journey, starting with the past, immersing us in our present and heading to a future that is reinventing itself in Every time serving an exemplary audience.”

The first two international feature films, judged by a jury composed of director John Landis (chair of the jury), designer Domenico Vaca and Nadia Tereszkiewicz, the heroine of François Ozon’s next film. The jury awarded:

the best movie: Princess of the Class, by Van Maximilian Carlson

The jury also gave a special mention to actress Sidi Harla, star of Juho Kosmanen’s Compartimento N.6. The following is the jury’s statement:

“The jury appreciates excellence in all the films presented. From Ukraine we saw bad roads, a heartbreaking look at the violence and madness of war. From Spain we saw Alcatraz, the tragedy of generations of farmers facing the curse of progress. From Bhutan we saw Ljubljana, which took us on a journey to a land so far away. And a completely different culture Cabin 6 arrived from Finland, the story of a woman’s journey by train through Russia, perhaps a journey in search of herself. From Los Angeles, California, comes the class princess, and talks about a young girl’s relationship with her homeless and mentally ill father who lives in a tent In a slum.We are pleased to announce our decision, Princess of the Row Win: The film takes us into the heart of Los Angeles at the heart of a dramatic American social problem that must be addressed and resolved.

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The jury would like to give a special mention to Sir Harla in recognition of her exceptional performance in Section 6″.

The first two documentaries, by a jury composed of Agostino Ferrente (Chairman of the Jury), Roberto Perpignani and Serena Gramizzi received the Equity Award:

Ro Garibaldi, directed by Federico Francioni, with the following motivation: “For he told, brilliantly and sharing, the story of two distraught brothers, immigrants, communicating with each other and with the outside world in a mixture of languages ​​(Tunisian, French, Sicilian and English), trying to find meaning for an existence that no longer has a place. The story of Immigration/Immigration 2.0, which does not seem to directly interest the viewer, but instead takes him back to his origins, bearing witness to an experience that has yet to be written.”

I’ve Never Returned, directed by Silvana Costa, with the following motive: “Because I rediscover an omitted part of our history beginning with the personal engagement, that of a director who intervenes by telling a family story, infused with the centuries-old custom of social inequality, which women on the face of Particular victims of hers. Through the strength of direct contact that lasted for years, and the richness of the archive, Silvana Costa tells well the hero’s rebellion, the desire for independence, but also the conflicting attitude of love and hate towards her land, Calabria…”.

Many figures were awarded on the festival stage in Catanzaro. Among them are stars of the caliber of Richard Gere, John Landis, Stefania Sandrelli, Marco Tullio Giordana, Ricky Tognazzi, Marco Leonardi, Manuel Aneli, Michael Radford, Jeremy Piven, Ludovica Francesconi, Sara Lazzaro and Zahi Hawass. Also space for books, with actor and screenwriter Marco Bonini and music as the protagonist with performances by Il Volo, Malika Ayane, Giulia Penna and Noè. Information protagonist with awards for Paolo Petrica and Leonardo Mitali.

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The festival is supported by an important institutional network led by the Ministry of Culture, Calabria Extraordinary – Brand of the Calabria Region – Tourism Department – Calabria Film Commission, Municipality of Catanzaro, Lille – Italian Association Against Cancer.

ITA Airways is one of the sponsors of the 19th edition of the Magna Grecia Film Festival, in Catanzaro from 30 July to 7 August 2022. This initiative is part of the company’s strategy to support and promote sustainable tourism in Italy, and is one of the pillars on which ITA Airways is participating With the festival, through a digital ecosystem, it aims to promote local excellence.

The Magna Graecia Film Festival is also joining the network of sustainable and plastic-free festivals – to raise public awareness of the cause of protecting the environment, villages and beaches – by marrying the campaign promoted by Agis and Italiafestival.

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