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The controversy flares up again between Will Smith and the Oscar winners

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will Smith He was recently the protagonist of one of the most challenging and intense projects of his career. We’re talking about Liberation – beyond freedomIt is a film directed by Antoine Fuqua, in which the star lent his face and body to the famous escaped slave who became known as “Peter the Whipped.”

The latter became known to the public in 1863 after he managed to escape from the farm. Whipped Peter later became the protagonist of a series of snapshots published that same year in Harper’s Weekly. The most famous of these images, titled “The Flogged Back,” shows Peter’s bare back completely covered in scars from the whippings he endured during slavery. This quickly achieved immense popularity and became The real statement From the movement of general opposition to slavery.

Despite great ambitions Release He was welcomed Conflicting opinions by critics and it does not seem to have been particularly appreciated by the audience either. According to the film’s producer Todd Black, there will be a very specific reason behind the lack of interest in the film.

According to the producer, the lukewarm reception was definitely due to e.g Controversial episode From the slap that Will Smith himself gave Chris Rock live on Oscar night 2022. According to Todd Black, the incident could have actually precluded any possibility of the workers in question being nominated for Oscars:

Can I say that? We were not treated honestlyI am 100% convinced. I can completely understand the Academy’s position on Will Smith, but I don’t understand why our director, who did his best at it, is so disdainful for him, and all the department heads and their teams. I don’t understand why the great performances by Ben Foster and the other cast members were ignored. I don’t understand why the producers were not taken into consideration.

The product is a raging river and has then Increase the dose:

I thought it was a beautiful movie. I thought our writer told the story excellently and Antoine brought it to life, and we can’t get any credit for what Will did as an actor? This is not true, this is not true. This is my opinion.

Todd Black’s words then echoed those of director Antoine Fuqua himself, who said: Totally agree With all considerations expressed by the manufacturer.

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The film is directed by Antoine Fouka (Training day, SouthpawTriple Eq), which is adapted from a screenplay written by William N. Collage. Along with Will Smith, they are part of the cast Ben Foster, Charmaine Bengoa, David Denman, Steven Ogg And Ronnie Gene Blevins.

Liberation – beyond freedom It premiered on the big screen on December 2, 2022, and will then be released via streaming starting on December 9 in Apple TV+ Which is currently available.

What do you think of Todd Black’s words? Let us know in the comments!

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