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The Chinese are withdrawing mega sums – the bank has to count every note

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The behavior of a Chinese man in a Shanghai bank is causing a stir. The customer was paid 5 million yuan – and it was very interesting.

Summarize the essentials

  • A Chinese millionaire is not happy with the services of his bank.
  • That’s why he recently withdrew five million – the staff had to count every note.
  • According to the bank, the need for a mask could spark controversy.

Between a customer and an employee Bank of China Shanghai has been a real one lately War Exploded.

Early peak of expansion: The millionaire had five million Yuan (About 718,000 francs). According to media reports, should Bank Count separately by reference!

And the rich customer is said to have announced that he would do this again until he ran out of money. In his account on the Chinese site Weibo, he writes that he is not happy with the service of the bank.

Is the need for a mask a reason for the argument?

For its part, the bank shows little understanding Critic Of the customer. The man was only asked to wear a mask, they say. Therefore, it is not clear why the controversy erupted.

How to detect customer behavior?

Similarly, did the millionaire make his threat come true and actually come back the next day.

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